Simon Bucks

The news services challenging traditional news providers

Andrew Neil

A question – who wrote: “There are three structural things that the right needs to happen in terms of communications... 1) the undermining of the BBC’s credibility; 2) the creation of a Fox News equivalent / talk radio shows / bloggers, etc, to shift the centre of gravity; 3) the end of the ban on TV political advertising”?

Simon Bucks’ TV diary

When the editor of Television calls, my phone is bag-wrapped to prevent photography. I am at a sec­ret charity dinner, supporting a military unit that I can’t name, at a location I can’t divulge. Social media is out.

The high-octane auctioneer Jonny Gould, who presented sport for me at London Tonight, alternately flatters the audience and abuses them (“Shut up in the cheap seats, with your clip-on ties and Casio watches”).