Robert Kyncl

YouTube's CBO Robert Kyncl on the platform's rewards, freedom and censorship

Only a few days before Robert Kyncl sat down for his international keynote session at this year’s RTS Convention, he was on the red carpet in New York for that most exclusive of affairs, the annual Met Gala, presided over militarily by Anna Wintour.

It is testament to the cultural significance of YouTube’s chief business officer that the Vogue supremo invited Kyncl to fill a whole table at the Gala with his own guests, mostly super-­successful content creators on YouTube.

YouTube's Robert Kyncl: The Silicon Valley trailblazer

Robert Kyncl (credit: YouTube)

Los Angeles theatregoers may think they’re dream­ing when they turn up to a brand-new venue in Inglewood, in the heart of the city, and spot a familiar symbol on its façade – the bright red play sign of its owner, YouTube.  

Why would the world’s most-viewed website, and a celebrated pioneer in disruptive digital content, want to invest in something as old-school as a live theatre?