Rhianna Dhillon

28 Up Millenium Generation Preview Q&A

Following an introduction from BBC Commissioning Editor Emma Loach, joining host Rhianna Dhillon are director Julian Farino, executive producer Melanie Archer and contributors Oliver, Gemma, and Orala, as they discuss the return of the landmark generation-spanning BBC documentary series “Up” - which has followed the lives of the same group of contributors every seven years since they were 7 years old.

Rhianna Dhillon's TV Diary

April has been a strange month. It marks exactly 10 years of my career being a film critic – my first appearance was on Radio 1 on April Fools’ Day. My mum, who recorded it (old-school, on a cassette), plays it back to me down the phone and I sound so nervous as I chat to Greg James about why Jake Gyllenhaal’s Source Code was a pretty great film and why Sucker Punch, starring Vanessa Hudgens... was not.

I was still a student at Reading University but had been thrust into one of the most exciting jobs I could think of.