Netflix to create major production hub at Shepperton Studios

The Crown, Outlaw King, LA's Finest (Credit: Netflix)

The hub will contain 14 sound studios, workshops and office spaces, and is part of Netflix’s long-term commitment to the UK.

Netflix will produce new and existing TV and feature films at the Pinewood owned studios, as they expand their UK network.

In the last year over 25,000 cast, crew and extras have worked on nearly 20 Netflix originals and co-productions across Britain.  

High-end TV drama is transforming UK studio business

Change is sweeping through the UK studios business. The transformation of this formerly predictable but competitive sector – dominated, traditionally, by a handful of studios such as Elstree and Pinewood – could have far-reaching effects.

One of the key drivers is the boom in television production, fuelled by tax credits for high-end drama and growing demand from broadcasters and streaming services for long-running series.