Obituary: Arthur Pigott and Rick Rickards

Arthur Pigott 1922 – 2020
Arthur Pigott joined the Society in 1972 and was heavily involved in the work of the London Centre committee. For six years, he assisted the director of the RTS Television Engineering course held at the IBA in Knightsbridge. He was made an RTS Fellow for his contribution to the RTS London Centre and the engineering course. 

Obituary: Mari Griffith, 1940-2019

Mari Griffith with former RTS Cymru Wales Chair Tim Hartley

It was the measure of her professionalism and wit that she could offer advice while gently chiding her fellow continuity announcers.

Mari Griffith, though, was much more than a radio announcer. She was, in turn, a singer, presenter, independent producer and, in her later years, a successful novelist. Mari, who has died at the age of 79, was also a long-standing RTS Wales Centre Committee member.