IBC review

Thames Valley/Southern IBC Review 2018

The panel, convened at Queen Mary’s College, Basingstoke and chaired by Thames Valley Chair Tony Orme, featured Ciaran Doran from Pixel Power; Neil Maycock, Grass Valley; Martin Parsons, Image Eyes; and Russell Trafford-Jones, Techex. It agreed that internet protocol (IP) is here to stay, machine learning is ubiquitous and security is raising its head.

IBC 2017 examines technical advancements in virtual reality and AI development

On the 50th anniversary of IBC, a record number of broadcasting and cinema professionals met for the annual technology jamboree in Amsterdam. The six-day event typically covers a wide range of topics. This year was no exception, with fake news, the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning all prominent.

But, arguably, the real theme of IBC 2017 was the growing power of consumer choice. This is manifested most obviously in viewers’ ability to pick and choose what, when and where they watch programmes.