Helicopter guru John Watkinson explores the theory and dynamics of flight

Using his signature approach – no nonsense, plain speaking – Watkinson jumped straight into basic aerodynamic theory, revealing that not only do rotors provide lift, they also replicate gyroscopes, a key consideration for safe control.

He went on to describe some of the critical helicopter components that keep the aircraft in the sky and manoeuvre it wherever the pilot wants. Reliability is paramount and safety is always in the mind of a helicopter designer.

John Watkinson on Helicopters – RTS-TVC Christmas Lecture

These are just a few of the questions answered by industry guru John Watkinson as he takes us on a deep and insightful journey of helicopter design at this year’s RTS-TVC Christmas Lecture on Wednesday 13th December, 7pm, Pincents Manor, Reading.

The theory and dynamics of helicopter flight are complex. But in his no-nonsense plain-speaking style Watkinson will de-mystify the concepts of rotary flight, and explain in lay-man’s terms how a helicopter operates.