Grime Kids

Grime Kids: music to our ears

Shanu Hazzan and Tienne Simon as Kai and Bishop in Grime Kids are on stage rapping into microphones

From episode 1’s opening sequence, Grime Kids aims to smash stereotypes. In a heart-thumping black-and-white scene, violence looks inevitable as audiences are dragged into the world of gritty gangland drama. But when the playground battle commences, the weapons of choice turn out to be water pistols and handfuls of flour. It’s a powerful introduction to the Technicolour, ­joyous world of Theresa Ikoko’s Grime Kids.

BBC gives first look at musical drama Grime Kids

Cast of Grime Kids looking down at the camera

Although fictional, it is inspired by DJ Target’s 2019 non-fiction book of the same name. Grime Kids follows a group of teenagers using music to share their voices, whilst navigating growing up in the 90s. It is a celebration of culture and community, and the ever-growing genre of grime.

Yus Jamal Crooks will be making his TV debut, alongside Shanu Hazzan (EastEnders), Juwon Adedokun (We Love Moses), Gabriel Robinson (Silent Witness), and Tienne Simon (Silent Witness).