Small Cameras

It’s not only one of the most popular lifestyle brands in the world, manufacturing one of the most popular consumer products ever, its dramatic impact on the world of broadcast and professional video production has got everyone excited.

GoPro will give you the low-down on what it is, how to do it, where to share it and the tools they offer to help you.

Some of the new products on the horizon are not quite available in the UK yet, however we are hoping to have a sneak preview of something on the day*

*Still to be confirmed. More information closer to the event

Software is the new hardware at NAB

Audio post-production software from iZotope

The NAB trade show, held every April in Las Vegas, used to bill itself as the place to see kit manufacturers parade their newest wares to broadcasters and producers. Headline-grabbing black boxes that perform cool, new tricks are, however, increasingly rare.

Today's production and post-­production tools tend, instead, to be software. They are, therefore, open to incremental and regular upgrades, and not tied to the cycle of trade shows.

Even the hardware is designed to evolve with tweaks to the central chip set, rather than a wholesale ­redesign.