Watch: First look at Houdini & Doyle trailer

Houdini & Doyle, Stephen Mangan, Michael Weston, David Shore, House,

Set in London in 1901, the show stars Stephen Mangan (Episodes, Green Wing) as Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle and Michael Weston (House M.D., The Dukes of Hazard) as illusionist Harry Houdini.

The quick-witted duo team up to solve mysteries that the Metropolitan police cannot crack.

Despite being the creator of the world's greatest detective, Arthur Conan Doyle is well known for his belief in the paranormal. 

Is television eating itself?


Will television eat itself? A flat screen might be easier to get down than a cathode-ray tube, and cause less indigestion – but, still, it doesn't really sound like a sensible diet.


All trades and professions are fascinated with themselves and like nothing more than talking endlessly about their own work. The TV industry is no different. In it's case, making telly about telly is proving increasingly irresistible.


We are all a bit too wised-up to dream about "the magic of television" any more. The schedules struggle to hold our attention.