On The Edge

Drama offers big break

Writer Samantha O’Rourke and director Nadira Amrani are the creative duo behind Mincemeat, one of three half-hour films in series three of Channel 4’s On the Edge anthology.

On the Edge, which has been developed in conjunction with the 4Stories new-talent initiative, offers new writers and directors the opportunity to work with BlackLight Television executives Philip Trethowan and Ben Bickerton.

On The Edge to return to Channel 4 for a third series

The anthology aims to promote upcoming film-makers in the UK, with exciting talent writing and directing each film.

This series will explore the effects of mental health in families through different genres, including romantic comedy, road trip and horror.


Written by Samantha O’Rourke and directed by Nadira Amrani

A dramedy about a young woman, Jane, struggling to cope with her controlling mother who suffers from hoarding disorder.

When Nish enters the scene, Jane is lovestruck, and he could be the means of escape she’s been looking for.