Devon and Cornwall

Obituary: Roger Gage (1928-2018)

Roger Gage with the Emmy he won for the 1965 series Wyvern At War

Following a successful stage acting career, including a spell with the Old Vic company, Roger’s first TV job was hosting Anglia’s lunchtime show alongside the actor, Susan Hampshire.

However, he decided to move behind the camera and was selected for the BBC’s directors course. He was the first to put Dudley Moore on screen, directed Michael Bentine in the comedy series, It’s A Square World, and worked often with Spike Milligan.

Devon and Cornwall Student Awards

The university’s Mads Johan Øgaard and Katie Wyman scooped the Animation award with I Am Dyslexic; Adam Gunton and Michael Brown won the Comedy and Entertainment award for The Reunion; and the Drama prize went to Max Jedwab for Ockham’s Razor.

Dan Adamson, TwoFour’s director of programmes, who hosted the awards, told the students: “Your talent, skill and energy are needed to fill hundreds of hours of content on the telly and online. Television needs new blood, it needs new ideas and it needs new talent – all of the time.”