Danny Boy

Danny Boy Preview and Q&A

Actor Toby Jones, director Sam Miller, writer Robert Jones and executive producer Sue Horth discuss the making of factual drama Danny Boy, the story of a young man’s journey from medal-winning hero to alleged killer, and his search for truth in the fog of war. 

The dramatisation of the Iraq war from the battlefield to the courtroom

In 2009, soldiers from the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment found themselves the subject of a major inquiry into allegations of torture and the murder of Iraqi prisoners.

The inquiry lasted five gruelling years and eventually concluded that the allegations were untrue and “deliberate and calculated lies”. A decade after the story made headlines, the high-stakes investigation and the wider theme of morality in war is being dramatised in BBC Two’s Danny Boy through the eyes of one of the soldiers involved in the case, Brian Wood.