Experts discuss music rights with RTS West of England

This was one of the many facts revealed by Anne Miller, director of TV and film at Accorder Music Publishing, during a wide-ranging session on music rights at an RTS West of England workshop at the Square Club, Bristol, in late November.

She discussed copyright, the Independent Production Companies licence, fair dealing and fair use of parody, citing real life examples and taking audience questions throughout.

The Brexit conundrum: It's impact on UK's broadcasting and production industry

Brexit Flag

Emerging from the Christmas fug of too many late nights, too much mulled wine and – at least for me – a strictly non-vegan feasting period, we all have to stare 2019 squarely in the eye, pull our socks up (a nice present that you appreciate with the passing years) and utter the dreaded word that so far has not made it into my festive games of Scrabble – Brexit.

If, like me, you were suffering from Brexit overload before the Christmas break, then the Westminster news blackout over the holiday period was a welcome respite.

Media copyright: The Right Stuff

In his presentation, “The right stuff”, Hinkson discussed the copyright challenges facing TV in the digital age, arguing that rights owners need, like never before, to protect their assets.

In the past, copyright infringement generally concerned the illegal copying of DVDs and videos; now it is streamed content where copyright regulations are being breached.

Hinkson outlined copyright legislation and the legal cases in Ireland, the UK and Europe of most relevance to television to the RTS Centre.