Media copyright: The Right Stuff

Media copyright: The Right Stuff

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Solicitor Michael Hinkson brought the Republic of Ireland Centre up to date on the latest developments in media copyright law at a mid-June event held at RTÉ, Dublin.

In his presentation, “The right stuff”, Hinkson discussed the copyright challenges facing TV in the digital age, arguing that rights owners need, like never before, to protect their assets.

In the past, copyright infringement generally concerned the illegal copying of DVDs and videos; now it is streamed content where copyright regulations are being breached.

Hinkson outlined copyright legislation and the legal cases in Ireland, the UK and Europe of most relevance to television to the RTS Centre.

In particular, he highlighted the use of website blocking orders to tackle online infringement of rights, and the progress being made to control illegal media players and streaming of TV content.

Hinkson is a copyright solicitor working for Gandon Law in Clonskeagh, Dublin, who has been active in copyright enforcement in film and TV for a number of years. His clients have included the Motion Picture Association and he currently represents TV channels Racing UK and Turf TV.