Cambridge 2015

Live blog: The Single Voice and the Showrunner

Session Seven: The Single Voice and the Showrunner

​Is the UK’s renowned belief in the ‘authored voice’ enough to enable us to lead or even survive in a US dominated international market? Do we need to acquire more expertise in Show Runner-led environments or should we be protecting our best writers from the writers’ room? And how do new writers get started and build a career in an industry led by A-listers?

Chair: Jane Tranter


Hugo Blick, Writer, Director and Executive Producer, Eight Rooks

Culture Secretary launches review into BBC Governance at RTS Cambridge 2015

Former Deputy of the Bank of England, Sir David Clementi, will conduct the review. 

Introducing Whittingdale to an audience of senior television figures, BBC Director-General Tony Hall remarked, “John Whittingdale is one of those rare politicians who actually watched TV”.

In turn Whittingdale said he was ‘surprised’ that the Charter Renewal Green Paper was seen as a demise of the BBC:

Live blog: Happy Valley or House of Cards? Television in 2020

Thanks to Studio Lambert, the session will also have contributions from the most insightful TV critics of the modern era - the cast of Channel 4’s GoggleBox - all designed to challenge the conventions and shibboleths of both the ‘old’ and ‘new’ sides of our industry. Audience contributions will be welcomed throughout.

Chair: James Purnell, Director, Strategy and Digital, BBC


Emily Bell, Professor of Professional Practice and Director of Tow Center for Digital Journalism, Columbia University Journalism School