Broadcast media under fire from spin doctors over General Election 2015

In an election that most thought too close to call relationships between broadcasters and political parties became at times terse. Both sides criticised media outfits for accepting the narrative of their opponents.

So, on reflection, how did broadcasters fare? For the first time both Craig Oliver and Tom Baldwin (head of media for the Conservative and Labour parties respectively) have given their views to the RTS on how the 2015 General Election was covered by broadcasters. 

TV and film come together in Cambridge

A man punts down a river in front of a church in Cambridge

“There’s a thriving community of film-makers and designers in Cambridge,” said Laura Usaite, Vine FX MD. “It’s important for us to help showcase the creative industries, particularly now. A vibrant set of businesses exists throughout Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk.”

RTS East Chair Rachel Watson said: “Film and TV people across the east of England have told us they struggle to make connections with other industry professionals in the region.