Brand funded entertainment

How brand funded content could impact the TV industry

From left: Richard Wilson, David Granger, Sam Glynne, Helle Jabiri Falck, Adam Puchalsky and Katherine Marlow (Credit: RTS/Paul Hampartsoumian)

Brand-funded content has long been the goal of TV’s money-makers; but, although much-­promised, it has been frustratingly slow to emerge. The brands, too, are keen to promote their goods and services on TV, where audiences tend to be large and highly engaged. But, if the expert panel assembled for a sold-out RTS national event in mid-January is correct, brand-funded TV is finally going to take off.

Brand Funded Entertainment: Is this the next generation of TV?

This panel discussion looks at this new trend of brands investing in entertainment – TV series and films – as a way to engage new customers. As a new revenue stream for production companies and TV professionals, the panel asks: how can they maximise on this new trend? What will the impact be of brands funding our TV entertainment? How can the TV industry maintain its gold quality standards? Will most of our TV be paid for by brands in the next 10 years?