Ben Richards

Hit BBC drama Showtrial announces all new cast for series two

The series will leave the case and cast from series one behind, opening with a climate activist being left for dead following a hit and run, but managing to reveal his attacker as a serving policeman with his dying breath.

The following trial unpacks the motives and background of the mysterious and unnamed ‘Officer X’, and whether the death of the high-profile climate activist could be due to a thoughtless accident, or a targeted attack.

Showtrial Preview and Q&A

Filmed and set around Bristol, BBC One's new drama Showtrial explores how prejudice, politics and the media distort the legal process, in a timely legal drama full of dark humour.

Speaking with host Yasmin Evans are the creator and writer, Ben Richards, director Zara Hayes and stars Celine Bucken (Talitha Campbell) and Tracy Ifeachor (Cleo Roberts).

BBC announces new legal drama Showtrial

The six-part series focuses on a trial that grips the nation and is at the centre of a media storm, putting a harsh spotlight on the victim, the accused and both their families.

The trial explores the disappearance of Hannah Ellis, a hard-working student and daughter of a single mum.

Following her disappearance, Talitha Campbell, an arrogant daughter of a wealthy entrepreneur, is arrested and charged as the perpetrator.