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Screening and Q&A of Making a Monster | Full video

Experts Dan Korn, VP Programming at A+E Networks UK, Dr Julian Boon, Chartered Forensic Psychologist at University of Leicester, Professor Paul Britton, Criminal Profiler at Birmingham City University and Dr Samantha Lundrigan, Investigative Criminal Psychologist at Anglia Ruskin University, discuss the psychology of serial killers at the screening and Q&A of crime series Making a Monster.

Experts delve into the psychology of serial killers during a panel discussion of crime series Making a Monster

Criminal profiler Professor Paul Britton was speaking at an exclusive screening of Crime+Investigation’s Making a Monster, ahead of its broadcast in February. He is one of the experts featured in a new eight-part series that explores the psychology of serial killers.
The first episode takes Gloucester mass murderer Rose West, now serving a life sentence in Wakefield Prison, as its subject. It makes for grim but illuminating viewing.