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The Galaxy Britain Built - The British talent behind Star Wars, Screening and Q&A (Norwich)

Star Wars is a global phenomenon.

The Galaxy Britain Built tells the story of British artists, designers and filmmakers who worked on it, and reveals the secrets of the creation of some of the most famous costumes, props and sets in movie history.

RTS East invites you to this very special screening of The Galaxy Britain Built hosted by BBC Look East presenter and Star Wars Superfan, David Whiteley. We are delighted that the screening will be followed by a Q&A session with legendary Film Producer, Robert Watts.

From TV to Virtual Reality: Immersive Storytelling with Alex Rühl

Alex Rühl’s critically acclaimed piece Keyed Alike (VR’s first LGBTQ drama) starring Gemma Whelan (HBO’s Games of Thrones) has been showcased at film festivals and art galleries worldwide and distributed by premium content platforms Jaunt, Inception and Digital Domain. Her latest project Playing God, supported by Arts Council England and directed by Ben Fredericks, is an immersive thought experiment featuring complex branching narrative and was selected for Sheff Doc Fest’s Meet Market 2018.

CAN FILMS MAKE A DIFFERENCE? : Brian Woods talks documentary

Brian Woods has been a committed human rights documentary maker and producer for a quarter of a century. He founded his company True Vision in 1995; their mission is to make films on social issues that matter. Character led narratives are used to powerful effect to engage the audience with challenging themes and perspectives from around the world. Recent multiple award- winning films include Catching a Killer, Behind Closed Doors, My Son the Jihadi and Britain's Refugee Children.

East Centre Launch Event


Our launch event now includes a special preview of AniMotion, a unique exhibition exploring the fabulous world of animation through interactive artworks and activities.

We’ll celebrate our new Centre amongst exhibits created by some of the UK’s most imaginative artists. Investigate an origami city over-laid with ever-changing sound and light, be transported into the world of virtual reality while controlling a skeleton avatar and have your face transformed into the winged creatures that inhabit the exhibition.

From VFX to Directing: Challenges and Opportunities

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This event is postponed and we will notify you when it has been rearranged.


A Royal Television Society and StoryLab event with director, Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull.  HaZ came from a VFX background before being known for his breakout sci-fi indie feature film - The Beyond, which was released by Gravitas Ventures, and premiered at #2 on the iTunes charts before trending on Netflix.  

Day Membership of Glasgow Art Club

Today the Glasgow Art Club is a dynamic community of men and women of varied ages and backgrounds for whom the Arts are an essential part of everyday life.

The Clubhouse is a place to pursue creative expression, engage in the free and vigorous interchange of ideas and opinions, and enjoy good conversation and the companionship of like-minded individuals.

RTS Members are allowed use of the GAC Clubhouse in Glasgow.

TV Futures : Virtually There...with Dr Nick Lodge

We can’t do it with a mobile phone or a tablet; we need a large screen or head-mounted display, we need 3D audio, we need body tracking and we may even need haptics and olfaction. The future lies in understanding how new technology can match and manipulate our senses to evoke yet more compelling feelings of 'being there'. And it is no small matter to produce entertaining content, to deliver it to viewers - and ensure it doesn't make them sick!