'Life in the Air' - Why Bristol Leads the World in Natural History film-making

This is your chance to meet the NHU face to face; view excerpts from and discuss their latest visual feast, 'Life in the Air'; and find out more about wildlife film-making by putting questions to some of their most experienced producers on anything from innovative shooting techniques and specialist equipment to their approach to ethical issues and social media.

Preview screening of National Geographic series Queens

Queens is the first film to focus on the natural world from a female perspective, led by the compelling narration of award-winning actress Angela Bassett. Powerful leaders have long lived in the world's most untamed regions, but this is the tale of a new hero who is tough, intelligent, resilient, and... female. Queens tells a tale of sacrifice and resiliency, but also of friendship and love, by highlighting matriarchies and female leaders from all around the world.

A female led, landmark production from Wildstar Films for National Geographic.