Without sound, television would be a very different medium. It transforms moving pictures into a realistic experience. The sound department records and operates the sound equipment, such as microphones and playback equipment, on a production set. 

Skills needed 

  • Knowledge and good operation of sound recording, playback and editing equipment
  • Strong communication and aural skills
  • Able to move equipment and have physical stamina
  • Work well as a team and instruct and accept direction
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Ability to make quick decisions under pressure
  • Sound understanding of other departments including camera, art department and wardrobe

Job roles

  • Sound trainee
  • Sound assistant
  • Boom operator
  • Production sound mixer

Duties include

  • Set up and take down sound equipment including checking and charging batteries, preparing mics and headphones
  • Operating booms, placing radio or clip microphones and laying carpet
  • Liaising with producers to discuss creative plans for the production and specific technical requirements
  • Ensuring all sound rushes are packaged and labelled
  • Looking for any sound faults and fixing them on duty 

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