Set Design

Set Design

Set design is a key part of a setting a scene or environment. The department is responsible for creating a scene that enhances and fits in with the narrative. 

Skills needed

  • Practical art/design skills including drawing, interior design, construction
  • An interest in art and design
  • Able to keep to a budget and meet deadlines
  • Working knowledge of CAD programmes such as Maya, Cinema 4D, Sketch-up or Vectorworks
  • Able to work flexible hours

Job roles

  • Art department assistant/runner
  • Set designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Art department co-ordinator
  • Set decorator
  • Assistant buyer
  • Production buyer
  • Assistant art director
  • Art director
  • Production designer

Duties include

  • Hand drawing/technical drawing
  • Creating accurate models to help with the visual representation of the set for camera positions and direction
  • Building and constructing props
  • Source materials or objects for the set
  • Writing schedules and organising a team
  • Hiring/purchasing props or materials for the set
  • Researching and surveying locations
  • Design sets that are keeping with the narrative
  • Liaising with the DoP and other departments to create a continuous set

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