The props (properties) department determines what a character should have in each scene to add to the narrative structure. These can be anything from a personal belonging such as a bag or drink, to a larger prop such as a car or piece of furniture. The props department will source, create and care for all props used in a production.

Skills needed

  • Eye for interiors and creative visual thinking
  • Knowledge of different time periods, cultures, and environments
  • Ability to make direct creative decisions and management
  • Craft skills such as sewing, building, upholstery
  • Physical strength and stamina
  • Able to work efficiently under pressure

Job roles

  • Props Trainee
  • Greensman
  • Armourer
  • Drapes
  • Props Storeman
  • Standby Props
  • Dressing Props
  • Prop Master

Duties include

  • Helping to create a visual representation of a character in a scene
  • Able to determine what props are required for each character and where to obtain them from
  • Decide budgets and research where to buy/hire props
  • Oversee continuity of props between shots and scenes
  • Dressing sets and locations
  • Working quickly if last minute changes are made on set