The editing department is responsible for cutting and editing together the rushes (raw filming material) of a production. An editor will be experienced using technical editing software and will be creative storytellers.

Skills needed

  • Technical aptitude for a variety of edit software, including Lightworks, Adobe Premier and Final Cut
  • Understand how to compress media/compression
  • Knowledge of the operational support needed to maintain edit suites
  • Able to be creative with storytelling
  • Be creative under pressure
  • Attention to detail and strong organisational skills
  • Strong ability to cut and edit
  • Administrative skills and relevant IT skills for transporting media
  • Have a familiarity with the technical specifications with different broadcasters.
  • Imaginative and have a strong understanding of narrative

Duties include

  • Before filming, work with the director to determine how the screenplay can be pieced together
  • Analyse the rushes to assess the technical standards and performances
  • Rework scenes and cut and edit them together
  • Work from notes by the script supervisor
  • Cut and refine assembly edit with director
  • Put together the final edit which requires the producers’ approval to achieve final cut

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