Bookings are an administrative department in post-production houses that help organise the handover between production companies and the post-production houses for the final stage of a show completion.

Skills needed

  • Excellent communication skills and comfortable negotiating
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Knowledge of budgeting and reaching targets
  • Work well in a team and individually

Job roles

  • Post-production runner/receptionist
  • Library assistant
  • Edit assistant
  • Bookings/post-production co-ordinator
  • Bookings/post-production producer

Duties include

  • Client liaison, overseeing individual projects with clients
  • Managing accounts for projects and evaluating budgets
  • Supply cost reports
  • Communicating between the production companies and post-production staff
  • Maintaining knowledge of the calendar to have an awareness of what staff are available for upcoming projects
  • Working across multiple projects

Useful links

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