RTS Wales Student Television Awards 2014

Awards 2014 winners

Awards Ceremony

Friday, 27 March, 2015

On the 27th March, the same day as our Breaking into the Media event, Bridgend College's Sony Theatre was the venue for the Zoom Young Film Makers Awards, with the films screened during the evening providing ample testimony of the emerging talent among film makers in Wales, particularly in some of the youngest categories.  The evening ended with the presentation of the 2014 RTS Wales Centre Student Television Awards.  Although only two Universities submitted entries this year, the Jury were very impressed with the high standard evident across the all the genres, many of which had received significant amounts of crowd-sourced funding.

The full citation, including the nominees, can now be downloaded (Word doc).


Factual: James Dougan, Max Cutting, Dan Ridgeon

Title: Porters
Rebecca Howes, Colleen Adams, Anni Raasu - Men in Stripes
Tash Horton, Sophie Harvey - Powder Rooms of the Female Kind

This impressed the jury with 'the degree of access obtained by the programme makers and the extensive research and planning that would have been required for the production'.  Available on YouTube

Entertainment: Catherine Attwood, Yuan Huang, Xanthe Young & Team.

Title: The Bullet Catch
Natasha Hawthornthwaite, Rhodri Carter, Daniel Ridgeon - Vice Versa - Creation

'A charming story about an incompetent magician and his talented assistant', which 'featured a strong main cast, some very amusing attention to detail and an engaging production style'.


Drama: Luke Tucker, Lorna Truman, George Dallimore, Athena O'Connor-Lindsey

Title: A Mermaid's Tail
Naomi Pilgrim, Emily Coupland, Jason Gallacher, Gavin Funnel, Morgan Conlon, Simon Burdall - X Row
Andrew Smith, Chay Milne, Thomas Heath, David Key, Katie Blount, Rebecca Foley - Papa's Portable Crematorium

'Presented a very moving story based around child abuse. It was beautifully shot and edited with some well crafted camera work'.  The official trailer is available on Vimeo

Animation: James Carlisle

Title: Cut From The Same Cloth
Matthew Kavanagh and David Hutton - The Awoken
Sian Mills and Katy Morari - Training Video

This 'featured beautiful, smooth animation with engaging characters with an old fashioned feel which perfectly matched its subject matter'.  Available on Vimeo

Open: Natasha Hawthornthwaite, Rhodri Carter, Daniel Ridgeon

Title: Vice Versa - Creation

Although no entries had been received for the new Open category, the Jury decided to award a film originally entered in the entertainment category, 'Vice Versa - Creation' by Natasha Hawthornthwaite, Rhodri Carter, Daniel Ridgeon, which they claimed was 'an original and highly accomplished production with a simple but effective format, which featured two protagonists who provided very different perspectives on life'.

NB:  The winner in each category was submitted for judging at the UK final of the RTS Student Television Awards, held in London on the 5th June.

'Cut From The Same Cloth' was also shortlisted for a Ffresh Award in February.

Hywel Wiliam