Winners of the RTS Student Television Awards 2023 announced

Winners of the RTS Student Television Awards 2023 announced

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Friday, 23rd June 2023
Credit: RTS/Richard Kendal

The winners of the RTS Student Television Awards 2023, sponsored by Kinetic Content, have been announced.

The awards were presented this afternoon at a prestigious ceremony at the BFI Southbank and hosted by TV and radio presenter, Will Njobvu. 

For 2023, the National Film and Television School received the most wins across the 18 UK institutions nominated, winning nine awards, closely followed by the National Film School at IADT taking home five wins, and the University of the West of England, Bristol garnering four wins. Bestial Ones from the National Film School at IADT received three wins becoming the most awarded project of the evening, with the jury describing the film as an accomplished piece of film-making, with an immersive and intimate visual style.

The awards celebrate the best audiovisual work created by students across the UK at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. This year students submitted an original film of their creation of up to 30 minutes in duration, in Undergraduate and Postgraduate categories including Animation, Drama, Factual, Entertainment and Comedy Drama, Environment and Sustainability and Journalism. The Craft Skills categories were also presented during the ceremony, awarded at the discretion of the judges across Camerawork, Editing, Production Design, Sound and Writing. These categories saw the National Film and Television School receive four awards, with the National Film School at IADT and University of the West of England, Bristol following closely with three wins each.

Sinéad Rocks, Managing Director, Nations and Regions at Channel 4 and Chair of the RTS Student Television Awards, said: “We were hugely impressed by the incredible calibre of work produced this year, which made for some tough decisions for the juries to decide on a single winner for each category. It was wonderful to come together this afternoon to celebrate the winners as well as all those nominated. Congratulations to all!”

The Royal Television Society has also now launched the 2024 RTS Student Television Awards, with entries now open until Monday 6th November 2023 and the ceremony set to take place in June 2024. New for the 2024 awards, Factual has been split into two separate categories: Factual – Short Form and Factual – Long Form. The Sustainability category has also been renamed Saving the Planet exploring issues including global warming, the environment, wildlife, climate change and sustainability. The awards are open to all students enrolled with higher education colleges, universities and institutions in the UK and Ireland only. Entries must have been made between 1 November 2022 and 31 October 2023.

For more information please click here.

Please see below the full list of 2023 winners and nominees as well as citations from the juries: 


Postgraduate Animation

WINNER - Curiosa - Tessa Moult-Milewska, Sychelle-Kristina Yanda, Giorgia Zarantonello, Rob O’Kelly & Team (National Film and Television School)

“This film skillfully utilises a mix of techniques, bold lighting and captivating sound design to enhance the themes of this stylish, witty and thought-provoking film.”


  • Dead Silent - Miriam Fox, Elena Valeri, Shaun Kobrak, Osian Pearson & Team (National Film and Television School)
  • Death of The Gods - Leto Meade, Karima Sammout-Kanellopoulou, Hipatia Arguero Mendoza, Jack Haggerty & Team (National Film and Television School)


Undergraduate Animation

WINNER – The Small Makings of a Storm – Avery Angle, Samantha Sack, Bróna Nic Gabhann & Team (National Film School at IADT)

“This film beautifully marries an enticing visual style with elevating sound design to create a narrative which enchants from the very first frame.”


  • Carrot - Zoe Wang & Jamie Jiang (Kingston School of Art)
  • Offerlamm - Tova Persson (University of the West of England, Bristol)


Postgraduate Drama

WINNER - Tremolo - Jade Li, Thijme Grol, Martyna Jakimowska, Noa Margalit & Team (National Film and Television School)

“From start to finish this film excelled in all areas. The storytelling engaged and captivated the jury, exploring a unique perspective on the classical music world and unearthing an inspiring story of ambition and perseverance. The jury were immensely impressed by the technical skill which enhanced and emboldened the story. Noting specifically the use of sound and music, which added integral layers to the narrative.”


  • Birds - Tyro Heath, Federica Omodei, Stephane Ugeux & Team (Goldsmiths, University of London)
  • Whiteboy - Matty Crawford, Karima Sammout-Kanellopoulou, Jack Edwards, Sehar Kidwai & Team (National Film and Television School)


Undergraduate Drama

WINNER - Bestial Ones - Miles Davis Murphy, Michael Largey, Fiachra Gallagher Lawson & Sophie Brassil (National Film School at IADT)

“The jury were blown away by this lyrical and affecting film, describing it as a mature and accomplished piece of film-making with an authentic, heartfelt narrative and captivating performances. An immersive and intimate visual style, and strong sense of place further elevated this beautiful piece of work.”


  • Bird - Maya Kotecha, Grace St George, Liam Bitton, Malise Rowland & Team (London Screen Academy)
  • SMALL - Jonathan Payne, Sophie MacDonald, Laura Wiggett & Team (University of Edinburgh)


Postgraduate Entertainment and Comedy Drama

WINNER - Casuals - Harry Lee, Paul Carey, Aaliyah Yaqub, Jack Cotter & Team (National Film and Television School)

“This was praised by the jury as a well-rounded, highly entertaining entry which met all of the judging criteria. In particular, the humour, pacing and editing were strong points to note, but the overall production values were considered to be stand-out.”


  • Not For Sale - MIRIAM, Alejandro Sànchez Porras, Santiago Espéron & Team (Screen Academy Scotland)
  • Straight Face - Tristan Davis, Niamh Farrelly & Team (National Film and Television School)


Undergraduate Entertainment and Comedy Drama

WINNER - Robbie Wrecked the Band – Chloe Ireland, Patrick Whinder-Montague, Sam Schöttner, Indigo Knox Thompson & Team (University of the West of England, Bristol)

“The phrase ‘beautifully done’ was agreed on by all jurors, who thought that this was a stand-out piece against the judging criteria. The performances, pacing, sensitivity of the subject matter and clever narrative were all praised.”


  • Double Yellows - Joseph Macaulay, Callum Atherton, Phoenix Thompson, Thomas Settle & Team (University of Salford)
  • Tell Tyler - Frankie Gommon, Jenny Richards, Jamie Oliver Lai, Joseph Elsen & Team (London South Bank University)


Postgraduate Environment and Sustainability

WINNER - Sagebrush Gold - Marcus Widger, Tommaso Di Paola, Mathilde Koechlin & Diego Hernández España Cadena (National Film and Television School)

“An atmospheric and beautifully executed film that balances the difficult dilemma of supposedly green energies and their impact on the natural world.  It brought balance and incredible visuals to an important story.”


  • Finding Solo - Myles Storey (University of the West of England, Bristol)
  • True Places Never Are - Jeff Young (University of the West of England, Bristol)


Undergraduate Environment and Sustainability

WINNER - FOR a new AGE - Emily Cooney, Natalie Phillips, Isaac Ellis, Innas Faidz & Animesh Raval (University of Surrey)

“A beautifully crafted film about foraging and it’s place in our industrialised world.  It was informative but visually compelling with great camerawork and an important message that everyone can put into practice.”


  • Blind Spot - Olly Blower, Amber Fitzwilliam, Cal Hagen, Solomon Bowyer & Team (University of the West of England, Bristol)
  • Six Feet Under (2022) - Ruby Browne, Scott Highmoor, Jo Savage, Erazem Martinjak & Team (University of Westminster)


Postgraduate Factual

WINNER - This Tree is Hostile - Hugh Clegg, Jean de Wilde d’Estmael, Jón Atli Gudjónsson, Aaron King & Team (National Film and Television School)

“A wonderfully warm, charming, and engrossing film which resonated with the jury. This is a visually strong and intriguing piece, showcasing a playful and beautiful approach to the contemporary issue of loneliness.”


  • 3 Promises - Mohamed Shalaby, Giorgia Zarantonello, Dan Hibbert, Sam Rapley & Team (National Film and Television School)
  • And So It Was - Niall M. MacRae & Tabita Knoblauch (University of the West of Scotland)


Undergraduate Factual

WINNER - Under the Blanket - Tanicha Toro-Oloto, Raphaela Dowding-Green, Kate McCourt, Billy Bramwell & Team (Norwich University of the Arts)

“A raw, unsentimental and compelling portrait of a dysfunctional but supportive family, capturing how it responds to the fall out of a violent crime.”


  • P IS FOR PARADISE - Rosie Wright, Nina Caprice & Élison Bartolomeu (Arts University Bournemouth)
  • To Challah on the Table - Olivia Barnett-Brown (Newcastle University)


Postgraduate Journalism

WINNER - Fighting For Fatherhood - Monica Walton (Goldsmiths, University of London)

“This was a brilliant watch from start to finish, beautifully shot with fascinating case studies.  The story-telling was compelling with characters you wanted to follow all the way through to the end. The film navigated a complex issue well and made us really care about the contributors.” 


  • 'Sidelined': The Question of Transgender Inclusion in Sport - Luke Cullen, Alicia Leech & Lily Carter (City, University of London)
  • Vaginismus: When Sex Hurts - Maya Bowles & Mariella Bevan-Gibbins (City, University of London)


Undergraduate Journalism

WINNER - Tales from the Dales - Overcoming remoteness in Yorkshire's countryside - Marcus Smith (University of Salford)

“This stylish film contained three fascinating stories which were presented with real flair. The drone shots added extra impetus to the storytelling and the judges were delighted to see some diversity within the narrative.”


  • Spiked - Athene George, Daniel Spiers, Max Gilbert, Jack Warren & Abbie Heptinstall (University of the West of England, Bristol)
  • Thousands of Homes but Nowhere to Live - Grace Donaghy (University of Leeds)



Postgraduate Craft Skills – Camerawork

WINNER - Finding Solo - Myles Storey (University of the West of England, Bristol)

“Breath-taking aerials that put you at the heart of this documentary. The photography was beautifully executed and consistent, and wouldn’t look out of place in a David Attenborough documentary. In addition, the jury were exceptionally impressed by what was achieved on an extremely low budget, a lone camera operator, and the resourcefulness in efforts made to reduce their carbon footprint in making this film.”

Undergraduate Craft Skills – Camerawork

WINNER - Bestial Ones - Fiachra Gallagher Lawson (National Film School at IADT)

“This film was beautifully put together, with great camera work and a perfect solution for every scene. The shots were bold and ambitious, and in difficult lighting conditions the camerawork brilliantly evoked the characters’ emotional states. Overall, the jury thought this was an astounding bit of film making, with not a shot out of place - feature film standard.”

Postgraduate Craft Skills – Editing

WINNER - Tremolo – Giorgia Zarantonello (National Film and Television School)

“A beautiful film complimented by some carefully crafted edits which allowed you as the audience to immerse yourself into this fictious story. There was a great sense of pace and the editor got to the heart of the characters emotions when they allowed key moments of their performances to breathe and let you absorb the enormity of their world.”

Undergraduate Craft Skills – Editing

WINNER - Robbie Wrecked the Band - Chloe Ireland, Patrick Whinder-Montague, Sam Schöttner, Indigo Knox Thompson & Team (University of the West of England, Bristol)

“This was a real stand out piece of editing. The opening sequence in particular was just brilliant in tone and timing, and this standard continued throughout, with great variation and cutting of shots. The editor used all their toys – rhythm, juxtaposition, pauses and jump cuts – to make this a really immersive piece of film making. The comic timing was pitch perfect, helping control the story and drive it forward to a great ending.”

Postgraduate Craft Skills – Production Design

WINNER - Whiteboy - Sehar Kidwai (National Film and Television School)

“A stunning film with exceptional attention to detail that makes you feel you’re right in the thick of the action. The judges were particularly impressed how the art direction in this film was seamless when transitioning from a story taking place in one country and flipping into another. You truly believe the crew went out to shoot specific scenes in the Philippines when in fact was only in Beaconsfield!”

Undergraduate Craft Skills – Production Design

WINNER - The Small Makings of a Storm - Avery Angle (National Film School at IADT)

“The jury said this film felt very different, with its own life and its own rules. The world was imagined beautifully with sequences so stunning that you could take still images, print them out and hang them on a wall. The film evoked a real sense of the power and scale of nature and the jury felt that it was just jaw dropping in its creation.”

Postgraduate Craft Skills – Sound

WINNER - Curiosa – Alexander Hübner (National Film and Television School)

“The multiple layers of voices, sound effects and music helped deliver what the jury thought was exceptional in this category. The film uses every tool in the sound designer’s arsenal to bring this clever piece to life. A very creative soundscape helps this story fulfil its true potential.”

Undergraduate Craft Skills – Sound

WINNER - Bestial Ones – Sam Bannon (National Film School at IADT)

“Right from the opening sequence this film was so evocative and clearly a huge amount of thought had gone into the sound craft. From outdoor streets to the intimacy of a bedroom, to the noise of a nightclub the film took several very different audio environments and really made the viewer feel like they were living in them. The soundscapes brilliantly complemented the beautiful pictures and the jury felt that this was a real masterclass in sound.”

Postgraduate Craft Skills – Writing

WINNER - Tremolo - Jade Li (National Film and Television School)

“A very well written film that fully allowed the character development to evolve and for the audience to fully grasp the dog-eat-dog world of music performance. The sparse dialogue breathes life into the piece and is complimented by the storyline which keeps you invested until the final climax.”

Undergraduate Craft Skills – Writing

WINNER - Offerlamm - Tova Persson (University of the West of England, Bristol)

“This was simple but beautiful – storytelling at its finest. The writing was lyrical, creating a moving story with dark humour and overtones of folk horror. It was unflinching and poignant, with emotional notes that moved the viewer. Really excellent.”


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The winners of the RTS Student Television Awards 2023, sponsored by Kinetic Content, have been announced.