Winners announced for the RTS Television Journalism Awards 2023

Winners announced for the RTS Television Journalism Awards 2023

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Wednesday, 1st March 2023
Clive Myrie at the RTS Television Journalism Awards 2023
Clive Myrie at the RTS Television Journalism Awards 2023 (Credit: RTS/Richard Kendal)

The winners of the RTS Television Journalism Awards 2023, in partnership with Wolftech and Dataminr, have been announced.

The prestigious ceremony was held this evening at the London Hilton on Park Lane, hosted by journalist and presenter, Dan Walker.

The awards, which spanned 21 categories, celebrated and recognised journalism talent across the television industry. This year, the BBC led the way with 11 wins across both news and current affairs, including Network Daily News Programme of the Year for BBC News at Ten and Network Presenter of the Year which was awarded to Clive Myrie.

ITV took home five awards including, Current Affairs – Home for ‘The Crossing’ and Nations and Regions News which was awarded for coverage of the Manchester Arena Inquiry. Sky News garnered three wins, including the coveted Channel of the Year award and Network Television Journalist of the Year which was awarded to Stuart Ramsay.

The RTS Special Award, recognising an outstanding contribution to the advancement of video journalism during the awards year, was presented to the BBC, ITN, PA & Sky News, whose ‘Cameras In Courts’ campaign secured access to the Crown Courts for the first time. Jeremy Paxman took home the prestigious Outstanding Contribution Award, which is given at the discretion of the jury, for his distinguished and varied career achievements that span multiple decades in the television industry.

Simon Bucks, Chair, RTS Television Journalism Awards, said: “In an incredibly busy year for news, the quality of entries was exceptional; probably the best I can remember for many years.  In several categories the judges agreed that many of the entries would be a worthy winner. And although Ukraine was undoubtedly the dominant story, it is gratifying that plenty of other important topics – U.K. and international – are represented among the nominations and winners.”

Please see below the full list of winners and nominees, as well as the jury’s comments on each winner:

Breaking News

WINNER: Russian Invasion of Ukraine – CNN International

“Usually in this category, the jurors argue about the definition of a breaking news story. But this year’s winner soon put paid to that debate. By any definition, the entry stood out from a list of strong contenders for its speed of response, exceptional eye-witness reporting and comprehensive coverage.”


  • Liz Truss Resigns – BBC News for BBC News Channel
  • Death of HM the Queen – BBC News for BBC One

Camera Operator of the Year

WINNER: Mstyslav Chernov – The Associated Press

“This year's entries were dominated by the war in the Ukraine, and the judges wanted to place on record their admiration for the skill and courage of the camera operators and all news journalists covering the conflict.  The judges applauded the winning entry for its range, depth and impact, achieved by the winner’s intimate knowledge of this theatre of war combined with his visual storytelling excellence.”


  • Darren Conway, DC, BBC News for BBC One
  • Natalie Thomas – Reuters

Current Affairs – Home

WINNER: The Crossing – Exposure DM Documentary Productions for ITV1

“It was a vintage year for this category, but one programme stood out. The jury agreed it was a stupendous piece of film making, displaying great bravery and compelling storytelling. The topic itself was not new but this treatment offered an original insight into the migrant journey and the evil forces behind people smuggling.”


  • Abuse of Power – Tim Westwood – BBC News & BBC Current Affairs for BBC Three
  • The Post Office Scandal – Panorama BBC Current Affairs for BBC One

Current Affairs – International

WINNER: Under Poisoned Skies – BBC World News BBC News Arabic Investigations for BBC News Arabic

“The winning entry explored many aspects of its story:  a deeply moving human side, a corporate and finance dimension exposing the legal loopholes used by global oil companies and the consequent environmental damage to the planet. The jury agreed it was an enterprising and original piece of journalism.”


  • Mariupol – The People’s Story – Panorama Top Hat Productions / Hayloft Productions for BBC One
  • Afghanistan – No Country For Women – Exposure Quicksilver Media for ITV1

Innovation Award      

WINNER: BBC News: Undercover Voters – BBC Newsnight / Americast  –    BBC News for BBC One / BBC Two / BBC World & BBC News Channel / BBC Sounds 

“This category – which replaced the News Technology Award – attracted a wide range of differing entries and the judges were impressed by the way so many are reaching new, younger audiences in ever increasing numbers.

The winner was a multimedia project which the judges said tackled a really important issue in an interesting and original way.”


  • Ros Atkins On... Explainers – BBC for BBC News Channel, BBC World News, BBC News at Six & Ten
  • Here's The Story – ITV News Digital – ITN / ITV News for ITV News Digital / ITV1

Nations and Regions Factual

WINNER: The Great Ferries Scandal – Disclosure BBC Scotland for BBC One Scotland

“The winning entry took an incredibly complex story and transported viewers to a world most knew little about.  The jury agreed they were genuinely gripped by the story of a huge and intricate scandal, while the reporter forensically tried to find the villain in the piece.”


  • Spotlight – The Babymaker Uncovered – BBC NI for BBC One Northern Ireland
  • The Hidden World of Football – BBC Wales Investigates BBC Wales for BBC One Wales

Nations and Regions News

WINNER: Manchester Arena Inquiry – Emergency Response – Granada Reports – ITV News Granada for ITV1

“The finalists all produced exceptional programmes with impressive story-telling that shone a light on controversial and contentious issues.  The winner, however, made the jurors angry because the cold hard facts were barely believable.  The jury agreed it was simply an outstanding, powerful, and well-constructed watch.”


  • The East Kent Hospitals Baby Scandal – ITV Meridian East ­– ITV Meridian for ITV1
  • Dying On The Streets: News Special – UTV Live – UTV

Nations and Regions Reporter of the Year

WINNER: Colin Campbell – BBC South East Today – BBC South East for BBC One

“This is a new category, and it attracted some first-class entries. Indeed, the jury agreed that all three nominees would be worthy winners. In the end they chose a reporter who produced an impressive range of original journalism, as well as being a skilled self-shooter and editor, and an authoritative studio performer.”


  • Rags Martel – ITV London News – ITN / ITV News for ITV1
  • Amy Welch – ITV News Granada Reports – ITV Granada for ITV1

Network Daily News Programme of the Year

WINNER: BBC News at Ten – BBC News for BBC One

“In a year of many major news stories, the jury said the quality of journalism and production of the main news programmes on all channels was very strong.

But in the end, they picked the winning programme for its consistently high standard of reporting from an outstanding team of correspondents, on location and in its new studio.”


  • Channel 4 News – ITN for Channel 4
  • Sky News at Ten – Sky News

Network Interview of the Year

WINNER: Lukashenko Rosenberg – BBC News for BBC News Channel

“The winning interview was described by the judges as brave, exemplary, an electric piece of television, and a masterclass in interviewing a megalomaniac tyrant.

The interviewer calmly nailed attempts to lie and mislead, at the same time extracting new information that made headlines. And what’s more he did it in his second language.”


  • Jason Farrell Interviews Leona Whitworth – Sky News
  • Beth Rigby Interviews Prime Minister Boris Johnson – Sky News

Network Presenter of the Year

WINNER: Clive Myrie – BBC News for BBC One

“Our winner is a presenter of extraordinary range. Whether anchoring news programmes live from Ukraine or announcing breaking news from the studio, he radiates dignity and calm under the most intense pressure. The jury praised his ability to bring empathy as well as authority to his distinctive broadcasting.”


  • Huw Edwards – BBC News for BBC One
  • Susanna Reid – Good Morning Britain – ITV Studios for ITV1

Network Television Journalist of the Year

WINNER: Stuart Ramsay – Sky News

“The winning journalist is a correspondent whose portfolio was described by the judges as simply chilling: a visual storyteller whose professionalism shines through in all his work.  His standout report was a graphic and terrifying illustration of what it’s like to be a civilian in Ukraine – a remarkable account of what happened when his team’s car was shot up by Russian forces.”


  • Jeremy Bowen – BBC News for BBC One
  • Paul Brand – ITN / ITV News for ITV1

News Channel of the Year

WINNER: Sky News

“The judges agreed the winning entry was simply outstanding - with an impressive range of coverage, strong presentation, creative production and showed a commitment to reporting the issues that matter most to the audience beyond daily events.”


  • Al Jazeera English   
  • BBC News Channel

News Coverage – Home

WINNER: Partygate – ITV News – ITN / ITV News for ITV1

“There were many examples of exceptional journalism in this category. One standout entry, however, consisted of a succession of scoops which sparked headlines around the world and changed the very course of British politics.”


  • NHS On The Brink – Newsnight – BBC News for BBC Two
  • Violence Against Women and Girls – Sky News

News Coverage – International

WINNER: War in Ukraine – BBC News for BBC One

“The winning entry combined vivid and brave frontline reporting with insightful coverage of the refugee problem and the politics driving the Ukraine conflict. It displayed strong, authoritative reporting from some of the UK’s best known and most respected journalists - alongside some newer voices.”


  • Ukraine: On The Frontline – Sky News
  • 20 Days in Mariupol – The Associated Press

On-Demand Journalism    

WINNER: Should I Tell You I'm Trans? Disclosure – iPlayer Shorts – BBC Scotland for BBC iPlayer

“The jurors welcomed the diversity of first class video submissions from non-traditional broadcasters and praised their quality. The winner tackled a difficult subject which polarises opinions and elicits strong emotion, but treated it sensitively and calmly.”


  • Ukraine Front Line Medics – BBC News for BBC
  • The Saudi Prince: How Dangerous is MBS? – The Economist – Economist Films for YouTube

Political Journalist of the Year   

WINNER: Paul Brand – ITV News – ITN / ITV News for ITV1

“In an eminent field, the winner’s work this year stood out.   It moved the dial so decisively that it was pivotal in the demise of a Prime Minister.  The winner had an amazing array of scoops, and in one case didn’t just get the story…but the video as well.”


  • Anushka Asthana – ITV News – ITN / ITV News for ITV1
  • Beth Rigby ­– Sky News

Scoop of the Year     

WINNER: Partygate – ITV News – ITN / ITV News for ITV1

“The jury said the winning entry was the product of painstaking nurturing of sources, producing not just one but multiple scoops. The judges praised it particularly for its impact – including being followed up by the entire news media. They were also impressed that the journalism contrasted the behaviour at the heart of government with the way the general population was expected to act.”


  • Pincher: What the PM Knew – BBC News for BBC
  • 20 Days in Mariupol – The Associated Press

Specialist Journalist of the Year

WINNER: Michael Buchanan – BBC News for BBC One

“The winner is a journalist who has devoted several years to pursuing and exposing appalling failures which wrecked many lives. Despite the emotional nature of his stories, the jury agreed this reporter never loses his focus and clarity.”


  • Paraic O'Brien – The Refugee and Migrant Crises Channel 4 News – ITN for Channel 4
  • Dan Rivers – War Crimes – ITV News ITN / ITV News for ITV1

Young Talent of the Year

WINNER: Vasilisa Stepanenko, Ukraine War – The Associated Press

“Several judges were in tears while watching our winner’s entry.  She showed amazing bravery and incredible tenacity.  Everything we know about the terrible events in Mariupol started with her work and she was only 22 at the time.  An astonishing young journalist.”


  • Marianna Spring, Disinformation and Social Media Correspondent – BBC News for BBC One and BBC Two
  • Inzamam Rashid – Sky News

RTS Special Award   

WINNER: BBC, ITN, PA & Sky News – Cameras in Court

The RTS Special Award recognises an outstanding contribution to the advancement of video Journalism during the awards year. It has been awarded to the Cameras in Court campaign, which this year finally secured access to the Crown Courts.”

Outstanding Contribution Award

WINNER: Jeremy Paxman

The Outstanding Contribution Award recognises an individual’s work over a sustained period. The winner is a legend in the television industry whose career as a reporter and presenter has spanned multiple decades. His panache, humour and irreverence have made this journalist’s programmes must-watch events.”


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The winners of the RTS Television Journalism Awards 2023, in partnership with Wolftech and Dataminr, have been announced.