Who's who in The Great British Bake Off 2018?

Who's who in The Great British Bake Off 2018?

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Tuesday, 28th August 2018
(Credit: Channel 4)
(Credit: Channel 4)

Judges Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith, Noel Fielding and Sandy Toksvig return with a new cohort, each hoping to be crowned Britain’s best home baker.

Here’s the (not quite) baker's dozen of dynamic dough punchers:

Here come the girls!

(Credit: Channel 4)
(Credit: Channel 4)

1. Kim-Joy, 27, a Mental Health Specialist from Leeds

Kim-Joy applied after prompting from her partner Nabil, she is an avid bread baker.

Desert Island Dish: "Fresh doughnuts, filled with delicious creme pat".

2. Manon, 26, a Software Project Manager from London

After joking with her friends about applying for years, Manon finally took the plunge and was rewarded with Star Baker in week one. 

Desert Island Dish: "Poke [Hawaiian dish of raw fish, avocado and veg], it is really good for you. Because it has a lot of nutrients it should keep me alive for a long time!"

3. Ruby, 23, a Project Manager from London

In her second application for Bake Off, Ruby succeeded in making the cut this year. It was a tough first week which saw her near the bottom. 

Desert Island Dish: "Aside from cake, I absolutely love making bread. Something so satisfying and rewarding from spending hours on mixing, kneading, proving, shaping, proving and finally baking (fully aware I sound like I have no life but carbs are life)!"

4. Karen, 60, an In-Store Sampling Assistant from West Yorkshire

Karen applied for The Great British Bake Off as a challenge to herself on turning 60 and was encouraged by her daughters.

Desert Island Dish: "One of my Rich Fruit Christmas cakes, a massive one maybe several tiers so it would keep us going and not go off while we wait to be rescued". 

5. Briony, 33, a full-time parent from Bristol

Briony filled out her application in total secrecy as she thought she wasn't in with a chance at getting on the show. She's proved herself wrong, by not only getting on the show but by wowing the judges with her apple cider empire biscuits. 

Desert Island Dish: "Victoria sponge, an oldie but a goodie!"

6. Imelda, 33, a Countryside Recreation Officer from Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland

Imelda was sadly eliminated after a bad biscuit round in week one. 


The boys are back!

(Credit: Channel 4)
(Credit: Channel 4)

1. Dan, 36, a full-time parent from London

Dan's husband was instrumental in his plucking up the courage to send off an application, after wanting to apply for a while. 

Desert Island Dish: "A simple pain de mie – I don’t think I could live without bread!"

2. Jon, 47, a Blood Courier from Newport, South Wales

Family man Jon applied with the support of his wife Debbie and their four children.

Desert Island Dish: "A classic French dessert, Gâteaux Saint-Honoré!"

3. Antony, 30, a Banker from London

Antony got a bit of a shock when he made it through to the telephone interviews for Bake Off...his partner had filled in the form and submitted it in secret! Good job he did, he really impressed with his unusual flavour combinations.

Desert Island Dish: "A choux pastry filled with a rich chocolate hazelnut praline cream covered in exciting dark chocolate glace - just beautiful!"

4. Luke, 30, Civil Servant by day and House and Techno DJ by night from Sheffield

A new convert to the world of Bake Off, Luke applied after taking inspiration from past winner Candice Brown.

Desert Island Dish: "I honestly don’t think you can beat having beautiful fresh bread with a selection of good quality oils, balsamic vinegars and dips. Delicious."

After a tense Cake Week in week two, Luke sadly was eliminated, with Paul describing his signature tray bake as "tough as old boots". Ouch. 

5. Rahul, 30, a Research Assistant from Rotherham

After a work colleague repeatedly sent him the application form, in a bid to get him to apply, Rahul eventually gave in and sent one off. 

Desert Island Dish: "Some hearty biscuits with dried fruit, nuts and seeds in them. It will be something like Scottish bannock biscuits as they are tasty, stay fresh longer and easy to carry a lot in small space."

6. Terry, 56, a retired Air Steward from the West Midlands

Unbeknownst to Terry, his youngest daughter applied for him, so he would have no choice but to do it and so far he's been a hit with his brandy snap creations.

Desert Island Dish: "Tipsy Tart which would have lots of brandy so it would keep it preserved and keep me going."

The Great British Bake Off is broadcast at 8pm on Tuesdays on Channel 4.

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Judges Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith, Noel Fielding and Sandy Toksvig return with a new cohort, each hoping to be crowned Britain’s best home baker.