This week's top TV: 29 August - 4 September

This week's top TV: 29 August - 4 September

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Monday, 29th August 2016
Sean Conway undertakes the world's longest triathlon in On The Edge (credit:


Joe Wicks: the Body Coach

Channel 4


Fitness and nutrition guru Joe Wicks makes his television debut as the Body Coach. Already a best-seller in the publishing world - he sold more books last year than any other author - and a whizz on social media - he currently has 1.3million followers on Instagram - Wicks presents an all new fitness show. The one-time personal trainer shares his recipes and workout routines to help the Great British public get lean. 


Sean Conway: On The Edge



Sean Conway performed his ultra-marathon back in April. Discovery reveals the highs and lows of his journey (credit:

Zimbabwean adventurer Sean Conway embarks on a 4,200 mile ultra-marathon around the coast line of Britain. This three-parter details the highs and lows of his 85-day journey made by running, swimming, and cycling around the edge of of our island in the world's longest triathlon. 


People Just Do Nothing

BBC iPlayer


MC Grindah faces a littering charge (credit: BBC)

The new series continues as Kurupt FM finds itself with a man down this week. DJ Steves must host the station all day while MC Grindah is in court for... littering. The hit online show made its mainstream TV debut last week on BBC2 and will be on again tonight at 10pm.


The Night of

Sky Atlantic


This US crime series was inspired by the BBC's Criminal Justice and adapted by Oscar-winning writer Steven Zaillian and Child 44 adaptor Richard Price. British actor Riz Ahmed (Four Lions, Nightcrawler) takes the lead as Pakistani-American student Nasir Khan who wakes to find his one night stand stabbed to death. Fleeing the scene while high on drugs doesn't help matters as Nasir finds himself the prime suspect of the murder. 


Would I Lie To You?



The comedy panel show returns for series ten (credit: BBC/Endemol Shine UK/Brian Ritchie)

​Brydon, Mitchell, and Mack return with a star-studded line up on the comedy panel show. In the first of a new series, Martin Kemp acts out an incident with a blow-up toy and David 'The Librarian' Mitchell relives an unusual encounter with a pizza delivery driver. Mel Giedroyc, David Haye, and Romesh Ranganathan join the teams. 


Adolf & Eva: Love & War

Channel 5


This feature documentary combines archive footage with dramatised reconstructions and expert analysis (credit: Channel 5)

Those looking for an alternative to the sequins and glitter of BBC One's Strictly Come Dancing launch need look no further than Channel 5's World War Two offering. This docu-drama looks at the life of Hitler's infamous lover Eva Braun, using archive footage alongside dramatic reconstructions and interviews with experts. We find out about her teenage infatuation with the Nazi leader and Eva's personal involvement with the faschist party.  





Aidan Turner puts today's leaders to shame in series two of Poldark (credit: BBC/ Mammoth Screen)

It's the moment we've been waiting for since Aidan Turner's rippling six-pack first graced our screens last summer. "Where is the Poldark of our times?!" asked screenwriter Debbie Horsfield at an RTS event in April, referring to Britain's lackluster politicians chasing leadership in 2015's general election. On the coat-tails of this year's political furore following Brexit, steamy hero Captain Ross Poldark is back to put today's leaders to shame once again. This season's opener begins with Ross facing execution for plundering a shipwreck. 

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