This week's top TV: 10 - 16 August

This week's top TV: 10 - 16 August

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Monday, 10th August 2015





Suits is back for a fifth season and a lot has changed since the legal drama first hit our screens back in 2011.

Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) is no longer the suave and arrogant city slicker we first met.

Season five finds the lawyer throwing his toys out of the pram as Donna, his longstanding PA, goes to work for his rival Louis (Rick Hoffman).

Meanwhile,  Specter’s former protégé Mike (Patrick J. Adams) is more focused on his recent engagement to Rachel (Meghan Markle).



Christian Louboutin: the World's Most Luxurious Shoes

Channel 4


Christian Louboutin
Christian Louboutin with one of his creations (Credit: Channel 4)

It seems no celebrity worth their salt is without a pair of red-soled killer heels designed by Christian Louboutin.

In his latest documentary, filmmaker Michael Waldham follows the carpenter’s-son-turned-luxury-shoe-designer for a year as he travels around the world with his butler Safquat, from Paris Fashion Week to Bhutan, where he catches up with his friend the queen of the Himalayan kingdom.


Socrates: Genius of the Ancient World

BBC Four 


Bettany Hughes
(Credit: BBC/Tim Knight)

Historian Bettany Hughes travels to Greece to follow the story of the philosophical giant Socrates.

Born in Athens, the seat of modern democracy, Socrates was a vocal and revolutionary thinker.

Hughes explains how his groundbreaking ideas were also controversial, making him enemies and resulting in being sentenced to drinking deadly hemlock.


Very British Problems

Channel 4


James Corden, Very British Problems
Figures including James Corden discuss Very British Problems (Credit: Alaska TV/Channel 4)

To be British means to tread the awkward minefield of social faux pas,  unspoken rules and conversations about the weather.

Over a million people follow Twitter account @SoVeryBritish, which shares awkward Britishisms such as  “Expressing your complete and utter outrage at a situation by calling it "not on."”

Now the feed, which has already spawned two books, is heading to Channel 4, where celebrities including James Corden, Jonathan Ross and Ruth Jones discuss issues unique to us Brits.

In true British style, the writer behind the Twitter feed, Rob Temple, told the RTS last year that he was surprised that TV had come knocking, believing that it would be “short, punchy and funny, hopefully.”


Mountain Goats



The Mountain Goats
Kevin Mains stars as Conor in new Scottish sitcom Mountain Goats (Credit: BBC Pictures/Alan Peebles)

Up to the Scottish Highlands for BBC One’s new sitcom Mountain Goats, which follows the exploits of a group of Mountain Rescue volunteers.

When they’re not rescuing someone from imminent disaster –or being rescued themselves- the group can be found down at The Old Goat pub, where landlady Jules (My Mad Fat Diary’s Sharon Rooney) rules with an iron fist.


The Saturday Night Story



The Saturday Night Story
(Credit: ITV)

Stephen Mulhern presents a nostalgic look back at some of the key moments in Saturday night TV, from dramas to dating shows.

Along the way, we’ll hear from legends of weekend telly and find out what went into making some of the nation’s favourite entertainment shows.



Country Strife: Abz on the Farm



Abz on the Farm
Former popstar Abz with his new friend Fernando the cockerel (Credit: BBC/Tin Can Island)

Former popstar Abz leaves the music business and his 5ive bandmates behind him and moves to rural Wales with his partner Vicky.

The pair replace the convenience of city life for a new one of mud, rain and livestock, sometimes suffering the consequences of both a limited budget and little knowledge of farming as they set up their smallholding.


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