Videos about Welsh Television

Videos about Welsh Television

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By Jim Bartlett,
Saturday, 1st June 2013

This is a growing list of links, so we have decided to do without thumbnail pictures, to speed up your scrolling.  Hopefully the notes will let you know what to expect.

There are some more links, to Award-winning student videos, in our Awards section.

And see also our list of relevant books.

Let us know of any other videos we could include.

'This Is HTV Wales' Documentary 1989
(38:26.  Published on 10 Feb 2015)
The new round of ITV franchise applications is approaching and HTV Wales decides to blow its own trumpet a little in this locally-screened documentary looking behind-the-scenes at the Welsh ITV station and celebrating the previous 21 years of achievements at HTV. It's obviously a bit of a PR job but does contain interesting information about the structure of the company and its broadcast operations. In fact, it was the very non-TV diversification referred to here that got the station into a few financial scrapes into the new licence period from January 1993 when the economy tanked and recession beckoned. I suspect HTV's "fine art" division didn't seem like such a great investment then!

It's an odd production that looks like it was made as a corporate promo for potential investors and then hurriedly re-edited to fill a Sunday evening slot. Oddities include the choice of opening theme (a sort of sub Miss World thing) and managing director Huw Davies starting the whole show off with what can only be described as butthurt about a press reference to HTV being a small company.

BBC Wales News 1986
(11:36.  Published on 19 Nov 2014)
A BBC Wales News promo from 1986. It includes production of Wales Today, Newyddion Saith and radio in both English and Welsh

Pobol y Cwm at 40 BBC Documentary 2014
(28:57.  Published on 17 Oct 2014)
Celebrating four decades of highs and lows, loves and losses, and secrets and scandals, as Cwmderi reaches a landmark anniversary. The actors and writers who created some of the Welsh language soap opera's best-loved characters tell the inside story of the BBC's longest-running TV drama and now S4C's highest-rating show.

Thanks for Watching: The HTV Years - Episode 1/4
(22:54.  Broadcast 27 May 2014)
Thanks for Watching: The HTV Years - Episode 2/4
(22:58.  Broadcast 3 June 2014)
Thanks for Watching: The HTV Years - Episode 3/4
(22:58.  Broadcast 10 June 2014)
Thanks for Watching: The HTV Years - Episode 4/4
(23:05.  Broadcast June 17 2014)
As ITV Cymru Wales relocated to Cardiff Bay, these programmes celebrated the shows produced in the HTV studios over the previous 30 years, and the stars who performed there.

Crystals and Cat's Whiskers
(29:28.  Published on 10 Feb 2014)
A documentary about the old BBC Wales studios in Broadway, Cardiff.  It was broadcast as part of the 70th anniversary of broadcasting in Wales on 26 Jun 1993.
Copyright BBC Wales.

A Year in the Life of the RTS in Wales
(4:00.  Published on 30 May 2013)
A film about us, made by two media graduates we mentored in 2012-13.

RTS Wales Centre Annual Lecture 2013
(69:20.  Published on 11 Nov 2013)
Guto Harri - "Wales - not on their radar?"

RTS Wales Centre Annual Lecture 2012
(72:54.  Published on 17 Oct 2012)
Professor Anthony King
"The changing face of the British Constitution : Reporting the Nations."

Tim Hartley, S4C Head of Corporate Affairs, at the Atrium - 11/1/11 Part 1
(9:20.  Uploaded on 25 Jan 2011)
Tim Hartley, S4C Head of Corporate Affairs, talking to pupils at the University of Glamorgan, Atrium campus on 11/1/11

Tim Hartley, S4C Head of Corporate Affairs, at the Atrium - 11/1/11 Part 2
(10:05.  Uploaded on 25 Jan 2011)
Tim Hartley, S4C Head of Corporate Affairs, talking to pupils at the University of Glamorgan, Atrium campus on 11/1/11

Wales Today at 40
(10:18.  Uploaded on 1 Aug 2009)
Selected clips from the programme broadcast to celebrate 40 years of Wales Today, featuring Noreen Bray, Brian Hoey and Vincent Kane. One of the rare occasions that Jamie and Sara were ever seen in the same room together as well!
Broadcast 19 September 2002

50 Years of Wales Today compilation - 2012
(24:31.  Published on 26 Oct 2012)
Marking fifty years since the first programme dedicated to Welsh news, a segment each day for a week presented broadcasting highlights from the five decades
Broadcast 17-21 September 2012

Bocs o Jôcs
(33:14.  Published on 26 Apr 2012)
Stewart Jones yn cyflwyno uchafbwyntiau o raglenni comedi Cymreig y saithdegau a'r wythdegau. Ryan a Ronnie, Fo a Fe, Dau a Hanner, Y Garej a Glas y Dorlan.
Darlledwyd ar 27ain Rhagfyr 1993, fel rhan o noson arbennig ar S4C yn dathlu penblwydd BBC Cymru yn 70 blwydd oed.
[ A documentary looking at Welsh-language comedy programmes produced by BBC Cymru in the 70s and 80s, shown as part of S4C's night celebrating BBC Wales' 70th anniversary in 1993 ]
Hawlfraint BBC/S4C

Behind the Scenes: Andrea's tour of news at Culverhouse Cross
(3:07.  2012)
Andrea Benfield gives a behind the scenes tour of ITV Wales main news hub, our Culverhouse Cross studios in Cardiff

HTV News - 20 years of English news - 2002
(5:18.  Uploaded on 9 Aug 2009)
As S4C approached its 20th anniversary, HTV also marked the same 20th anniversary of a separate English-language national news programme for Wales. This clip is from the main 6pm evening programme and includes some favourite out-takes, notably Lucy getting snuffled by a cow, and the late Huw Weekes with that donkey
Broadcast 18 October 2002

The future of local TV in Wales
(1:51.  Uploaded on 14 Dec 2011)
BBC report with Paul O'Connor from Undercurrents/Swansea Telly talking about the future of local TV. Swansea and Cardiff are among 20 places across the UK that will get their own TV stations within the next two years. The UK government says the services will meet a demand for local programming. But some are warning the channels will not be commercially viable.

BBC Wales Today - 30 Years of Pobol Y Cwm - 2004
(3:09.  Published on 26 Oct 2012)
Marking the 30th anniversary of the BBC's longest running soap, Wales Today visited Cwmderi (or a set in Cardiff) and unusually both Sara and Jamie in the same shot - very rare indeed. Followed by a 2W promo

"The Spirit of Cwmderi" - a documentary about Pobol Y Cwm (1993)
(29:52.  Published on 25 Apr 2012)
A look back at the history of Pobol y Cwm, currently the BBC's longest-running soap opera.
This was broadcast on 26 June 1993 as part of an evening of programmes called "Crystals and Cat's Whiskers" to celebrate BBC Wales' 70th anniversary.
Hanes y gyfres deledu Pobol y Cwm. Fe ddarlledwyd y rhaglen ddogfen hwn yn 1993 fel rhan o benblwydd BBC Cymru yn 70 oed.
Copyright BBC

Teledu Cymru TWW New Studio extensions at Pontcanna 1964 1965
(6:38.  Uploaded on 13 Mar 2011)
still Teledu Cymru Ident, TWW CH 10 ident into film on construction of TWW studio extension in 1964/65 following takeover of Wales West & North (WWN) ITV

Wenvoe Open Day
(2:59.  Uploaded on 27 Nov 2007)
Open Day in 1965 at Wenvoe transmitting station, near Cardiff in the UK.

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