A Year in the Life of the RTS in Wales

A Year in the Life of the RTS in Wales

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A video made by our graduate mentees, Kimberley Epton and Lee Davies, assisted by Joshua Williams of Newport Film School.  (4 minutes)


The events shown here were all filmed between September 2012 and May 2013, (so not quite a year then).  Check out our News & Reports section for more details about them, and see if you can work out which is which.

On Easter Sunday 2012, the RTS organised a Q+A session with actor Michael Sheen, to celebrate the anniversary of The Passion.  One of the aims of that production was to involve the community of Port Talbot, so in return for appearing in our event, Sheen asked us to do something for the community.  We therefore offered to mentor two media graduates, Lee Davies and Kimberley Epton.  Lee and Kym had worked on The Passion with the National Theatre Wales in 2011, by liveblogging and recording video as the events unfolded.

To see the work of Lee and Kym during The Passion visit: http://port-talbot.com/

Kym says:-

"My year spent with RTS has been a revelation, as I have been given opportunities and experiences that are usually hard to attain within the creative industry.  After graduating from university, I initially found it difficult to access any film experience or employment within my local area.  However, since gaining practical film experience through the RTS and attending the RTS Wales networking events, I have been educated on how to access opportunities within the Welsh creative sector.  I now look forward to establishing and maintaining the close beneficial links I have gained through the RTS, and I feel very hopeful of my future prospects within the creative industry.”

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