TV Picks of the week: 14 - 20 January

TV Picks of the week: 14 - 20 January

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Monday, 14th January 2019
(Credit: Sky)
(Credit: Sky)

From sci-fi horror to the reboot of an eighties classic, here's this week's TV picks. 

Cold Feet

Monday: ITV, 9.00pm

Cold Feet (Credit: ITV)

ITV’s dramedy series Cold Feet, starring James Nesbitt, Fay Ripely, John Thomson, Robert Bathurst and Hermione Norris, promises dramatic developments for its eighth series, with a wedding possibly on the cards.

Set in Manchester, the series follows a group of middle aged friends as they struggle with parenthood, major life changes and a shifting society. Adam (Nesbitt) finds himself reassessing his habit of flirting with much younger women, while Karen (Norris) and David (Bathurst) try to support their unhappy son Josh.


The Passage

Tuesday: Fox, 9.00pm


Based on the Justin Cronin’s novel of the same name and written by Liz Helden, The Passage stars Saniyya Sidney (Fences) and combines sci-fi, fantasy and horror all in one.

Sidney plays 10-year-old orphan Amy Bellafonte, who is chosen as a test subject for Project Noah, a secret medical facility where scientists are testing a dangerous virus that could either cure all diseases or wipe out humanity.

Magnum P.I.

Wednesday: Sky 1, 9.00pm

Magnum P.I. (Credit:Sky)

Sky’s reboot of Magnum P.I. follows Thomas Magnum (Jay Hernandez, Scandal), a former Navy Seal turned private investigator as he zips around Hawaii in his Ferrari solving crimes.

Based on the 1980s hit crime series with Tom Selleck, the new series is directed by Justin Lin (Fast & Furious) and also stars Perdita Weeks (Penny Dreadful).



Thursday: BBC Two, 9.00pm

Hospital (Credit: BBC)

RTS award-winning documentary series Hospital is back for a fourth season, this time going behind the scenes of NHS Trusts in Liverpool and revealing the challenges and pressures faced by staff.

At a time when the NHS is under immense strain, Hospital provides a moving insight into the daily life of the patients desperate to recover and go home, and the staff juggling their limited time and limited budgets.



Friday: ITV, 9.00pm

Grantchester (Credit: ITV)

James Norton returns to ITV’s crime drama Grantchester for his final series as Reverend Sidney Chambers. We see the vicar repeatedly numbing his pain with whiskey, finding himself on the street after a particularly bad night.

Set in a small Cambridgeshire village and starring Simona Brown as Sidney’s American love interest Violet Todd, the newest episode has another murder mystery in store for the reverend.


From Friday on Netflix


Fyre Festival investigates the failed luxury music festival that left many stranded in the Bahamas in 2017, looting mattresses and eating cheese slices. It tells the story of entrepreneur Billy McFarland as he recruits famous models such as Hailey Baldwin to promote his fantasy party to millennials willing to pay thousands. 

Director Chris Smith (Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond) uses Fyre's official promotional video contrasted with recovered social media content to expose the reality of the situation.

Inside Hotel Chocolat

Sunday: Channel 5, 8.00pm

Inside Hotel Chocolat (Credit: Channel 5)

The second part of documentary series Inside Hotel Chocolat goes behind the scenes of Britain’s largest independent chocolate maker, following hands-on boss Angus Thirlwell as he prepares for Easter, the busiest time of the year. 

The company, which makes a million chocolates a day, launches its latest products at an exclusive press event, while chocolatier Rhona makes a giant edible iguana.

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From sci-fi horror to the reboot of an eighties classic, here's this week's TV picks.