Sky Atlantic serves up a tasty platter of shows

Sky Atlantic serves up a tasty platter of shows

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Thursday, 26th January 2017
The Twin Peaks, slow cooked lamb belly on a bed of cherries (Credit: The Drama Kitchen/Sky Atlantic)

Some of Sky Atlantic’s biggest shows are taking a culinary turn, thanks to Duck and Waffle Chef Director Dan Doherty.

Bringing a whole new meaning to the term TV dinners, 12 meals have been designed to capture the spirit of some of Sky Atlantic’s most popular programmes.

The Drama Kitchen is a pop-up takeaway that will give fans the chance to get their hands on their favourite show – and then eat it.

Each dish uses ingredients and flavours that embody the spirit of the show, and comes accompanied by props to give a whimsical nod to the drama.

From ‘The Tin Star’ which is accompanied with a bottle of fir pine spray to evoke the smell of the Rocky Mountains, to ‘The Fortitude’, an epic dessert accompanied by a mammoth arctic meringue and a violent side-serving in a syringe curiously labelled ‘Reindeer Juice.’

There is even a tasting menu in the form of ‘The Game of Thrones’, a seven course culinary explosion where powerful flavours fight for ultimate dominance.

All dishes are available exclusively from Deliveroo, and The Drama Kitchen will be open from 26-29 January 2017 from 5-10.30pm each day. 

See the full menu below.

The Game of Thrones - a seven course taste explosion! (Credit: The Drama Kitchen/Sky Atlantic)


The Drama Kitchen Menu

By Dan Doherty


Tasting menu

The Game of Thrones

Take a culinary tour of the Seven Kingdoms, from Flea Bottom to the swamps of the Neck, in this seven course tasting menu.

‘Lamprey' Pie - Smoked eel and ham hock pie

Crannogmen Supper – Frogs’ leg delicacy from the Neck

Ramsay's Chop - Roasted pork and apple sausage with Iron Islands sauce

Catch of the Canals - Clam and cockle croquettes with oyster leaf

Bowl o' Brown – Flea Bottom meat stew served in the slums of King's Landing

Gored Baratheon Boar - Wild boar salami with pickles

Flagon at the Crossroads - a bottle of honey mead

All in all, a feast worth fighting for.




The Billions

Two NYC classics - mac 'n' cheese and Caesar salad - meet Maine lobster, caviar, black truffle and gold leaf. Much like the wealth of this show's powerful kingpin, this rich and decadent experience will corrupt more than just your senses.

Served with a bottle of Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique Cask Strength, because as Chuck Rhoades puts it, “the Taiwanese do it better than the Scots these days.”

This dish arrives on a bed of ‘billion’ dollar notes to give you a taste of protagonist Bobby Axelrod’s high life in more ways than one.


The Tin Star

The Tin Star

BBQ dry-rub pork belly with a rich bourbon glaze, flame-tossed potato and onion, wild mushrooms, pork-seasoned beans simmer with burning intensity. Much like one man's obsession with avenging a murder in the remote beauty of the Rocky Mountains. In this case, revenge is a dish best served hot.

Served with a Balsam Fir aroma to evoke the Rocky Mountains while you dine. Don your sheriff’s t-shirt and join our protagonist on his all-consuming quest for revenge in the town of Little Big Bear.



The Riviera

This intoxicating dish of truffle-stuffed chicken breast, sundrenched tomatoes and baby vegetables is steamed in white wine and cream. Served en papillote, as it unfolds experience the violence, lies and murder of the opulent French Riviera as discovered by a young widow reeling from the murder of her billionaire husband.


the tunnel

The Tunnel

Combining the coastal cuisines of England and France, this dish pairs Cornish stew with moules, rouille and garlic bread in surprising harmony. This reflects the relationship between the show’s two very different lead characters, from either side of the channel, who must collaborate to solve an intensely difficult crime.

Served in a combination Union Jack and Tricolour flag to symbolise the co-operation and combination of the two nations’ respective police forces in this gripping thriller.


The Guerrilla

The Guerrilla

This dish of jerk seasoned sweet potato, refried Pinto beans, charred corn, tomato and coriander salsa and spiced plantain chips releases the underground current of 1970s London. The flavours mirror the politically explosive backdrop to the show, a time when an undercover cell resisted the authorities and fought for its identity.

Served with your own personal pass to HM London Prison. You’ve been cleared to visit political prisoners in this time of huge unrest from April – when the action really kicks off.  


The Twin Peaks

Damn good slow-cooked lamb belly that comes with cherry glaze, coffee and dark chocolate crumb, and grilled sprouting broccoli. Like the show this dish has a twist at every turn, as it explores the gulf between the veneer of small-town respectability and its hidden underbelly.



The Ray Donovan

A unique solution to satisfy any appetite - a fully-loaded burger, Cajun salt fries and mac 'n' cheese croquettes. Courtesy of Ray Donovan, a man of immeasurable talents and 'fixer' of problems for Hollywood's rich and famous. Through a fine blend of bribes, payoffs and threats, he makes your issues (and your hunger) disappear.



The Britannia

Wild boar haunch meets red wine, nettle pesto, caponata and lentil and pancetta ragout, as worlds collide in a clash of flavours. A culinary nod to 43AD, when the mighty Imperial Roman army invaded ancient Britain, a land ruled by warring Celtic tribes and powerful Druids.

Served with temporary tattoos so you can choose your tribe. Strike fear into your enemies by adorning your face with icons as the Celts and Druid might have or pledge your allegiance to the Roman Empire and mark your body with eagles and centurion helmets.





The Fortitude

A mammoth portion of Arctic meringue, with white chocolate crumble and anise marinated berries. As the stunning wilderness is shattered by more unsettling violence, this meringue snowscape mirrors the intense brutality as it runs blood-red with lingonberry coulis.

Served with a syringe of ‘Reindeer Juice’, the name of the powerful hallucinogenic featured in series two. But don’t worry – ours is just lingonberry coulis. Spill across the meringue shards and watch as the blood-red coulis soaks the fragile white surface, foreshadowing the violence to come.


the divorce

The Divorce

This tangy lemon curd pavlova with whipped cream and candied lemon is the perfect palate cleanser – a dessert the stars of the show could use. Grappling with the effects of their failing marriage, making a clean break and starting anew is sometimes harder than you think. Unlike the breakup, this dessert doesn't leave a bitter taste



Big Little Lies

These sea-salted caramel muffins, served with champagne frosting, hide a secret at their heart. The perfect accompaniment to the show based on the hit novel, as three ladies share secrets and lies which hover just under the surface of a seemingly perfect small beachside town.

Served with a Reese’s edible spoon – pun intended – so you can easily dig to the heart of the muffins and release the mystery contained therein.

All photos courtesy of Sky Atlantic and The Drama Kitchen.


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Some of Sky Atlantic’s biggest shows are taking a culinary turn, thanks to Duck and Waffle Chef Director Dan Doherty.