New series of Heartstopper, Bridgerton and Squid Game among announcements at Netflix Tudum 2023

New series of Heartstopper, Bridgerton and Squid Game among announcements at Netflix Tudum 2023

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Wednesday, 21st June 2023
Credit: Netflix

At Netflix's recent Tudum 2023 event in São Paulo Brazil, the streamer announced new commissions and news for many of their most popular series, including Heartstopper, Bridgerton, and Squid Game.

They also revealed first look imagery for the highly anticipated live action Avatar: The Last Airbender, and trailers for reality dating show Love is Blind and Money Heist spin-off Berlin.

Read on for our overview.

Squid Game 2

The global phenomenon has announced its new and returning cast for the second series.

Series one saw 456 people with extensive debts and financial struggles compete in a variety of children’s games in a chance to win £28,000,000. Soon, however, the games turned extremely deadly, with each death adding money to the prize fund.

Those who survived series one’s death match, Lee Jung-jae (Hunt), Lee Byung-hun (Mr Sunshine), Wi Ha-jun (Bad and Crazy), and Gong Yoo (Coffee Prince), will be returning for a second series, with new competitors announced in Yim Si-wan (Run On), Kang Ha-neul (The Heirs), Park Sung-hoon (The Glory), and Yang Dong-geun (Nonstop), who will all be joining the cast for the second series.

Squid Game series two will premiere in 2024.


Penn Badgley, star of psychological thriller You, has announced that the fifth and final series will be coming soon to Netflix.

Joe (Badgley), a bookshop manager and serial killer, develops obsessions with the women he comes across that go far beyond the borders of extreme. Badgley also announced that the final series will see Joe move back to New York after his stint in London, where he will be encountering some familiar faces and ‘tying up loose ends’ from his past. Which could mean anything when it comes to Joe.

Emily In Paris

After the romcom experienced plenty of relationship drama at the end of its last series, star Lily Collins has given her fans a hint of what’s in store for Emily’s love life in series four.

Emily (Collins) moved to Paris in series one for a job in a marketing firm, running their social media and bringing her American perspective. At the end of series three Emily discovered her long-time crush Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) had feelings for her, but only when he was at the altar with another woman. This caused her on-and-off-again boyfriend Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) to break up with her, leaving Emily single.

In series four Emily will be closer than ever to the life of her dreams, however, it may transpire that everything she has ever wanted might not be what she actually needs.


From the team behind Money Heist comes the new spin-off series Berlin.

Across five parts, Money Heist saw two high octane heists and €984 million stolen. Pedro Alonso’s character Andrés de Fonollosa, better known by his code name Berlin, sacrificed himself for his associates in the final moments of series two and was shot dead.

This new series will focus on Berlin before the heist that caused his death, as he tries to steal €44 million in a single evening; but not before beginning an affair with the wife of the man he is stealing it from.

Love Is Blind

The reality dating show, which keeps the appearances of the daters under wraps until their engagement, is back to give a whole new set of contestants the chance to fall in love “sight unseen”.

15 more men and women will meet each other in ‘the pods’, dedicated dating rooms where they can only hear each other and cannot see each other’s faces. They have three weeks to fall in love in the pods, only being allowed to see each other in the flesh after the proposal. After the engagement they enter a trial marriage, living together and meeting each other’s families, all leading towards a real marriage where they will decide whether or not "love is truly blind".

The first look at series five shows a new range of hopefuls interacting with each other in the pods and opening up about past marriages, relationships with parents, and what has led them to enter the experiment.


With series one ending with high school students Nick (Kit Connor) and Charlie’s (Joe Locke) ‘will-they-won’t-they’ love story landing on a positive, the highly anticipated second series of the romcom drama will explore their love story further, alongside the lives of their fellow class mates.

Heartstopper’s Corinna Brown and Kizzy Edgell, who play Tara and Darcy, presented the opening scene of Heartstopper series two at Tudum, as well as the episode titles. The series opens to Charlie’s bedroom wall with a photobooth picture of Nick and Charlie kissing stuck on it, before expanding out to more pictures of the new couple, and a very happy Charlie.

All the Light We Cannot See

An adaption of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name, All the Light We Cannot See is a drama set in the Second World War surrounding a blind French Girl and a German Soldier who begin to communicate via radio, covertly connecting with each other unbeknownst to their families and fellow soldiers.

In the starring roles will be newcomer Aria Mia Loberti and Lewis Hofmann (Land of Mine), with Hugh Laurie (House) and Mark Ruffalo (Shutter Island) both featuring.

3 Body Problem

From the creators of Game of Thrones comes 3 Body Problem, a mystery thriller that explores the unknown and the human fear of it. Beginning in 1960s China, a young woman’s fateful decision causes ripples that reach scientists in the present day.

The series will star Jess Hong (Inked), Eiza González (Baby Driver), Jovan Adepo (Babylon), Benedict Wong (15 Storeys High), Alex Sharp (The Hustle) and John Bradley (Game of Thrones).

3 Body Problem will be released in January of 2024.

The Witcher

Action fantasy show The Witcher unveiled a fight scene from its new series. Monster hunter Geralt (Henry Cavill), sorceress Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) and Ciri (Freya Allan) face new challenges after Ciri was prophesied to destroy the world at the end of series two, and a bounty was placed on the heads of all three of them.

The new clip shows the trio fighting an army of elves, with Yennefer using her magic to portal the ringleader away from them.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The live action remake of the original animated series of the same name has revealed the casting and costuming for its earth, water, fire and air benders. All newcomers, Aang will be played by Gordon Cormier, Sokka by Ian Ousley, Katara by Kiawentiio, and Zuko will by Dallas Liu.

The original fantasy adventure showed a world divided into four nations, each named after the four elements: earth, water, fire and air. Within each nation there are ‘benders’, people who can manipulate their chosen element. The Avatar is the only person who can manipulate all four.

Aang, a young airbender and the next Avatar, was scared of the responsibility and so froze himself inside an iceberg, leaving the nations without an Avatar for 100 years. But he is discovered at the start of the series by Sokka and Katara, who begin helping him master all the elements.


Arnold Schwarzenegger's action-packed comedy has been renewed for a second series. After father and daughter Luke (Schwarzenegger) and Emma Brunner (Monica Barbaro) discovered they were both CIA operatives during a high stakes rescue mission in series one, they embarked on one last mission for Luke before he retired.

By the end of that series, their cover was blown, so in series two the father-daughter spy duo will be on the run from figures from both of their pasts.


Netflix has revealed a series of first look images for series three of the eagerly awaited friends-to-lovers romance, Bridgerton. Each series focuses on one member of the Bridgerton family and leads from their courting to their marriage against the backdrop of regency era London.

After series two’s enemies-to-lovers romance, the upcoming series will focus on long-time acquaintances Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton, played by Nicola Coughlan (Derry Girls) and Luke Newton (The Lodge). Penelope has long held romantic feelings towards Colin, however, in the final episode of series two, Penelope overheard Colin say to his friends he would “never court her”, leaving their future uncertain. 

All photography by Liam Daniel/Netflix

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At Netflix's recent Tudum 2023 event in São Paulo Brazil, the streamer announced new commissions and news for many of their most popular series, including Heartstopper, Bridgerton, and Squid Game.