Live blog: What Is The Future For Digital Advertising?

Live blog: What Is The Future For Digital Advertising?

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Advertising has a central role to play in funding the content our audiences love but this critical revenue stream is increasingly challenged by the rise of the tech giants. At a time when concern is growing about the veracity and quality of some online advertising, how can broadcasters fight back against the digital threat? Will clients and brands really pay for a quality and brand-safe environment or is this just a blip before online displaces broadcast as the winner in global video advertising? And what other innovation or changes could television deploy?   



Hugh DennisActor, Comedian and Writer



Nicki BrownAdvertising Controller, Argos

Ben McOwen WilsonDirector of Partnerships, YouTube Europe, Middle East and Africa

Alexi MostrousHead of Investigations, The Times

Kelly WilliamsCommercial Director, ITV

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