The Great British Bake Off: Meet the contestants

The Great British Bake Off: Meet the contestants

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Tuesday, 22nd August 2017
Credit: Channel 4

The Great British Bake Off is back with a whole new look and a new set of eager bakers.

This year’s diverse batch of contestants features a cancer survivor, a banker, an ex Army Officer and an architect competing to take home The Great British Bake Off crown.

Student Liam is the youngest contestant in this year’s group and at the other end of the spectrum is the show’s oldest contestant to date - 71 year old retiree Flo.

The contestants will not be the only new additions to the show; presenters Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig will join new judge Prue Leith and GBBO original Paul Hollywood for the show’s debut on Channel 4.

Following the controversial move to Channel 4, the show appears to have some surprises up its sleeve.  

With 30 challenges ahead, and a delicious mixture of amazing creations, cake disasters and innuendos in store, the show promises to come back with a bang. 

Tom: 29

Tom (Credit: Love Productions)

Scottish architect Tom lives in Edinburgh with his partner David, where he greets his house guests with delicious fresh shortbread on arrival. Tom and his siblings were taught how to bake from a young age by his mum, June, and some of his most cherished possessions are recipes books passed down generations on both sides of his family. When Tom isn’t baking delicious treats for his family and friends, he enjoys outdoor activities including rugby, triathlons, marathons, skiing, horse riding and fresh water swimming.

Steven: 34

Steven (Credit: Love Productions)

After learning the basics from his mum, Judie, 25 years ago, Steven decided to take his cooking and baking skills up a notch when he got his own kitchen. He loves to update classic recipes from his mum’s old cookbooks with a modern twist, and has even lost five stone through his inventive dishes.

Stacey: 42

Stacey (Credit: Love Productions)

Former school teacher Stacey loves to incorporate her Jewish heritage into her baking, making sure a traditional homemade Challah accompanies every Friday night dinner. Her time at university took her baking skills to the next level and has since become a keen baker. Perfectionist Stacey serves only the best food creations to her and nothing leaves her kitchen unless she’s completely satisfied with it. Let’s hope there’s not another #bingate on the horizon.

Chuen-Yan ‘Yan’: 46

Chuen-Yan ‘Yan’ (Credit: Love Productions)

Growing up in a Chinese household, Yan’s family would steam foods rather than bake, instead using the oven as a storage space. Yan’s appetite for baking came around ten years ago when she found herself baking in between 24 hour shifts as a molecular biologist for the NHS. She now lives in North London with her wife Marian, cat Kacey and sourdough starter called ‘Muvver’. 

Liam: 19

Liam (Credit: Love Productions)

Student Liam is the youngest of this year’s contestants but has already accumulated a vast amount of baking experience before entering the competition. Earning the nickname ‘Cake Boy’ amongst his university friends, Liam sees baking as a universal language that brings people from all backgrounds together. 

Julia: 21

Julia (Credit: Love Productions)

Julia’s passion for baking started at a young age when she would save up all her money from her after school job to buy ingredients to bake. The self-taught baker is originally from Siberia and met her British husband Matt at the age of 17 on holiday in Turkey. Since moving to the UK, Julia has dreamed of being on The Great British Bake Off and spent three years practising and studying British bakes so she was prepared for her spot in the Bake Off tent.

James: 46

James (Credit: Love Productions)

This bald, Brentwood banker is always keen to take on a new challenge and credits his father, Brian, for his baking influence after he taught him how to bake over 40 years ago. James loves to spend time in his allotment growing his own fruit and vegetables, which he often experiments with in his baking. 

Peter: 52

Peter (Credit: Love Productions)

Peter’s specialties are his Instagram worthy macarons, which are based on Pierre Hermé's recipe. His baking journey started eight years ago, when he decided to bake his own food after feeling unwell from some shop-bought bread. Aside from baking, Peter loves running on the beach, spinning, badminton, chess and science in his spare time.

Kate: 29

Kate (Credit: Love Productions)

History fan Kate is a true old-fashioned baker, taking old techniques like using smoked flour for sourdough bread, and reinventing old recipes such as a Docker's Wedding Cake. The Merseyside resident fits baking in with her other creative hobbies, including blacksmithing and furniture restoration. The Health and Safety Inspector learned all her baking skills from scratch after becoming interested in local produce two years ago, and now grows her own vegetables in the garden.

Flo: 71

Flo (Credit: Love Productions)

Flo is the oldest Bake Off contestant to date at the age of 71. The traditional baker was encouraged by her son, Stephen, to start baking again to help deal with the loss of her husband, Richard two years ago. Growing up with eleven siblings in Liverpool and going on to raise three children of her own, Flo loves nothing more than baking her homely recipes for the family. 

Chris: 50

Chris (Credit: Love Productions)

Software developer Chris is obsessed with the scientific side of baking and is constantly finding unique and healthy ways of combining flavour in his creations. He lives in Bristol with his wife, Catherine, where he likes to sail, travel, write and visit bakeries in his spare time. Chris is passionate about helping and inspiring cancer survivors after successfully battling the disease himself.

Sophie: 33

Sophie (Credit: Love Productions)

Since leaving the British Army, where she served as an Officer in the Royal Artillery, Sophie makes the most of her own kitchen where she likes to practise her patisserie skills. The psychology graduate discovered her natural flair for baking when she made a friend’s birthday cake. During her free time, Sophie likes to cycle, row and teach Military boot camps, and is now training to be a stuntwoman.

The Great British Bake Off returns on 29 August, 8pm on Channel 4.

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The Great British Bake Off is back with a whole new look and a new set of eager bakers.