Ear Candy: Taskmaster The Podcast

Ear Candy: Taskmaster The Podcast

Thursday, 12th November 2020
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It’s the only series that makes you shout at your screen: “That’s not how I would do it.”

Or ,“That will never work!” – before debating with your household exactly how you’d catapult a shoe into a bath using a home-made contraption.

Taskmaster has returned to our screens on its new home, Channel 4, bringing some much-needed joy to Thursday evenings, with a new companion, Taskmaster: The Podcast.

Hosted by series nine Taskmaster champion Ed Gamble, the weekly podcast welcomes past and present contestants to unpack the most recent programme and relive some iconic Taskmaster moments.

In a safe space beyond the watchful glare of Taskmaster Greg Davies, Gamble’s first guest is Little Alex Horne – the series creator, task-maker and the Taskmaster’s loyal assistant, who reveals behind-the-scenes secrets.

We learn the mystery of Mawaan Rizwan’s impressive cow disappearing act and the notorious cake sitting from series six.

Enjoy Jo Brand’s signature snarky approach to each task, Nish Kumar’s surprisingly good Taskonbury song, and Paul Chowdhry’s unpredictable response to the “Spread your clothes” task.

They also share their thoughts on the latest comedians competing for the coveted Taskmaster Trophy. As Brand warns: “You don’t know what level of humiliation is waiting for you…”

Taskmaster: The Podcast offers the perfect blend of some of the show’s best-kept secrets, laugh-out-loud anecdotes and in-depth task discussions to satisfy fans old and new.