Ear Candy: From the Oasthouse: The Alan Partridge Podcast

Ear Candy: From the Oasthouse: The Alan Partridge Podcast

Wednesday, 7th October 2020
(credit: Audible)
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Norfolk’s most notorious broadcaster, Alan Partridge, returns with a six-hours-plus podcasting odyssey into his inner mind.

He has topped an illustrious career in news, chat and daytime shows, not to mention his stint on North Norfolk Digital Radio, with the conquest of a new broadcasting bastion: the podcast.

What he once assumed was the domain of “pale, tech-obsessed social lepers who couldn’t get a platform on any meaningful broadcaster” has become his creative audio kingdom.

Stung by a Twitter troll who claimed they saw Partridge clip the wing mirror of another car, the erstwhile TV and radio host seeks to dispel such poisonous fabrications: “It’s not just a lie. It’s not just bull. It’s libel.”

Over the course of 18 episodes, he promises, listeners will learn about “the real Alan… his every nook and each of his crannies”.

Recording in his rural oasthouse abode, he regales us with expert advice on everything from defaming people via their Wikipedia page to his pre-date grooming routine. On first dates, always be specific with your questions, he advises. “What are you up to in life?” is far too vague. Instead, he suggests asking something like: “What were you doing and where were you between the hours of 3:00pm and 5:00pm this afternoon?”

Whether it’s the ear-worm theme song or the fake adverts interrupting each episode, the series is brimming with oneliners.

From the Oasthouse shows Armando Iannucci and Steve Coogan’s marvellous comic creation at his tactless, incompetent and unfiltered best.

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