Ear Candy: HBO's Succession Podcast

Ear Candy: HBO's Succession Podcast

(credit: Sky)
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To provide succour to desperate Succession fans faced with a long wait for series three, HBO has assembled the cast for a sequence of long-form, one-on-one interviews.

Loosely inspired, it is said, by the Murdochs, the Roy family of Succession boasts some of the most complex characters on the small screen. Series 2 saw the Roy siblings vying to ascend the Waystar Royco throne once the aging, raging patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox) finally steps down.

Sports journalist Roger Bennett hosts with infectious enthusiasm. His emphatic introductions to each actor have become something of a trademark. He breezily steers the conversation from their origins to the peaks and valleys of their Succession characters’ story arcs.

As the Roys are all in severe need of therapy, there is ample material for psychoanalysis. And Bennett does his best to unearth the roots of the relentless conflict and abuse by digging deep into their past traumas. No stone is left unturned, no trait unanalysed and no wardrobe uninspected.

Each actor’s devotion to the craft shines through, but none more so than Jeremy Strong, who plays Kendall Roy. He confesses to taking method acting to mentally detrimental extremes.

Sprinkled and bookended with memorable quotes from the character in question, HBO’s Succession podcast will enlighten and leave you laughing. “If it is to be said,” as a wise Greg once said, “so it is.”