Channel 4 announces new Coronavirus factual slate

Channel 4 announces new Coronavirus factual slate

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Tuesday, 7th April 2020

Channel 4 has commissioned four new factual and current affairs productions on the Coronavirus pandemic.

The slate will follow the scientists striving to tackle the virus and the human stories of those on the front line.


Pandemic: Can Science beat Coronavirus?

First up is a strictly scientific, one-off panel show, whereby leading experts will aim to answer the country’s most pressing questions.

Among those answering the nation's questions will be a virologist offering insight into the search for a vaccine, and an epidemiologist explaining inconsistencies in the data.

Free from politics, Pandemic will provide frank and factual discussions.

Pandemic will air on Channel 4 later this month.


NHS Heroes

This hour-long film will follow a small group of NHS workers to showcase the compassion, bravery and dedication of those on the frontline.

While most of Britain locks down and self isolates, thousands of workers are having to risk their health and wellbeing to save lives.

Risking infection and suffering from burnout, they either have to separate themselves from their families or simply don’t have time to see them.

Staff will self-record these struggles to highlight the challenges they face, but also to inspire and uplift with their abundant resilience.


Corona Street

Paddy Wivell (Prison) will investigate the impact of the crisis on our homes and neighbourhoods by exploring his own.

He said:  “All over Britain a time of self-isolation has begun and with it a recalibration of what is important in life.

“I want to know how this period of enforced change affects the residents on my street.”

By meeting and talking to members of his community, Wivell will document the short and long-term effects of the crisis, and answer the question as to whether it will ultimately serve to breed unity or suspicion.


What did South Korea get right?

Despite cases of the virus soaring in late February, South Korea managed to avoid a UK-style lockdown through extensive planning, mass testing and contact tracing.

By piecing together key decisions and moments in their war on the virus, this film will examine the South Korean strategy and ask what lessons the UK could learn from it.

But as many countries fail to control the spread, it will also explore the country’s chances of withstanding a second wave and another lockdown. 

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Channel 4 has commissioned four new factual and current affairs productions on the Coronavirus pandemic.