Inside Sky’s Election Campaign

Ahead of the General Election 2017, the Royal Television Society is going behind the scenes at the broadcaster as they pull together their coverage of the year's biggest political event. 

With only seven weeks to organise a programme that usually takes a year to plan, Sky News are under a lot of pressure to make GE2017 memorable for the right reasons.

RTS journalists Ed Gove and Kate Holman went behind the scenes at the broadcaster as it races to make up the time and prepare for a live show that will be broadcast from across the country.

Speaking to senior figures from across Sky's election team, the series explained what was going in to covering this focal point of British democracy. 

Looking back on the campaign with Beth Rigby


Beth Rigby, Senior Political Correspondent at Sky News spent the General Election Campaign hot on the tail of the Prime Minister as she sought re-election... (read more)

Election Night Live


The RTS spent the night at Sky News HQ to give you the inside track of what is going on off-camera at the broadcaster's biggest show of the year... (read more)

Election Night Live: Behind the scenes at Sky News


Ed Gove and Kate Holman go behind the scenes at the live election show as the results come in from around the country. 

Election Night: The survival guide


The polls are open and the electorate are once again setting the course for the future. Election veteran Paul Bromley gives his tips for lasting until the small hours... (read more)

The main event for data journalists


“There is nothing more exciting, in terms of data journalism, than an election,” says Chyaz Buffett, Head of Design at Sky News... (read more)


Getting it right on the night, with Paul Bromley


 Television news may be all about pictures, but for Sky News’ Paul Bromley, the words matter too... (read more)       

Covering the election off air and online with Richard Evans


"On social media, you've really got to grab the audience's attention straight away," says Richard Evans, Audience Development Editor at Sky News... (read more)

The view from the #LewisLorry with Lewis Goodall


Sky News’ Political Correspondent has been on the road in the #LewisLorry travelling to towns and cities up and down the country, talking to voters on the ground... (read more)

Steering the ship on election night with Nick Phipps


Over the past few weeks that I have been immersing myself in the world of Sky News, something has become clear... (read more)

What is Sky 250? with Valerie Hamill


At the heart of Sky’s 2017 election coverage is their Sky 250 project... (read more)

Jon Bennett on the lure of covering election night


“Election night is quite an addictive thing,” grins director Jon Bennett... (read more)


Sky News claims to have been cut out of Tory election coverage​ 


The broadcaster has released a statement today claiming that “since early in the election campaign, Sky News has not been getting live interviews on election issues with Conservative ministers... (read more)


Deconstructing the election guidelines with Peter Lowe 


Peter Lowe is the man responsible for ensuring that the broadcaster meets its commitments to impartiality and unbiased reporting - something broadcasters are legally required to do under the Communications Act 2003... (Read more)


 Sky News unveil their election coverage plans 


RTS Award winners Faisal Islam and Jeremy Paxman are sharing hosting duties for May v Corbyn Live: The Battle of Number 10, on Channel 4 and Sky News... (read more)

Covering the Election with Head of Politics, Business and Specialist Journalism, Esme Wren 


As part of the RTS Inside Sky’s Election Campaign series, Sky’s Head of Politics, Specialist and Business Journalism Esme Wren, who is overseeing the broadcaster's election coverage, reveals her plans for covering the surprise General Election... (read more)