Video: What Is The Future For Digital Advertising?

Video: What Is The Future For Digital Advertising?

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Saturday, 16th September 2017


Advertising has a central role to play in funding the content our audiences love but this critical revenue stream is increasingly challenged by the rise of the tech giants. At a time when concern is growing about the veracity and quality of some online advertising, how can broadcasters fight back against the digital threat? Will clients and brands really pay for a quality and brand-safe environment or is this just a blip before online displaces broadcast as the winner in global video advertising? And what other innovation or changes could television deploy?   

Comedian, actor and former ad man Hugh Dennis chairs a panel including Nicki Brown, Advertising Controller, Argos; Ben McOwen Wilson, Director of Partnerships, YouTube Europe, Middle East and Africa; Alexi Mostrous, Head of Investigations, The Times; and Kelly Williams, Commercial Director, ITV

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