Television Magazine

November 2017

Veteran diversity campaigner Baroness Benjamin shows that campaigning and creativity go hand-in-...
Tim Peake (Credit: RTS/Paul Hampartsoumian)
Steve Clarke observes a masterclass in communication skills by astronaut Tim Peake
Alison Kirkham (Credit: BBC)
Andrew Billen wonders if BBC head of factual Alison Kirkham can fly higher still and compete...
Mike Darcey assesses how vulnerable Sky is to a bid for Premier League rights from one of the tech...
Mark Lawson asks why the schedules are full of dramas inspired by all things ‘medieval’ 
Torin Douglas questions whether TV audience figures reflect contemporary viewing habits
Simon Bucks (Credit: SSVC)
Few media moguls can count an ice-cream van as part of their empire, but Forces TV's Simon Bucks...
Matthew Bell hears why TV is the ideal showcase for history
Matthew Bell takes notes as top screenwriters explain how to pen a hit drama