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June 2019

Our Planet (Credit: Sophie Lanfear/Silverback/Netflix)
Natural history film-maker Sophie Lanfear leaves her natural habitat for Hollywood and encounters a...
Gurinder Chadha (Credit: Rex Features)
Steve Clarke talks to Gurinder Chadha, who explains the background to her Sunday-night ITV costume...
Gentleman Jack (Credit: Jay Brooks/BBC)
Intimacy director Ita O’Brien started her career in musical theatre as a dancer and actor...
Back to Life (Credit: BBC)
Caroline Frost hails a style of show, typified by Mum and Home, that is reinvigorating the comedy...
All the President's Men (Credit: Warner Bros)
A panel of investigative journalists share their approaches to unearthing stories with Matthew Bell...
Uefa World Cup 2019 England squad (Credit: Ailura/Creative Commons)
The profile of women’s sport on TV has never been higher, discovers Shilpa Ganatra
Jackie, Lynn and Sue in the original Seven Up! (Credit: ITV)
Carole Solazzo meets the team behind one of factual TV’s most iconic experiments, 63 Up
Lauren McQueen played Lilly Drinkwell in Hollyoaks (Credit: Channel 4)
The way we make TV can make people ill, behind and in front of the camera, hears Matthew Bell
Judith Winnan (Credit: BBC)
Judith Winnan celebrates 60 years of RTS Cymru Wales and applauds the help it gives to new TV...
The Great British Bake Off 2018 winner Rahul Mandal (Credit: Channel 4)
Tara Conlan finds much to chew on at an RTS event on TV food shows