Dave Gorman: Modern Life is Goodish to return for four specials

Dave Gorman gawps to camera, with a photo of his eye on a smartphone held up in front of his eye and photo of his mouth on a tablet held up in front of his mouth. Gorman and both hands holding the devices are in different checkered shirt

The show originally ran for five series from 2013-17, and saw the stand-up comedian survey 21st century living via the medium of PowerPoint. With comedy, visual storytelling and fact-finding missions, Gorman scrutinised the best and weirdest parts of contemporary life.

“I’m delighted to be getting back in the Goodish saddle. It's been seven years since I hung up my Modern Life Is Goodish [PowerPoint] clicker and in that time, life has definitely got seven years moderner – so there should be plenty to get my teeth into,” said Gorman.