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First look trailer released for new crime drama Tin Star

The new crime thriller follows Jim Worth (Tim Roth), an ex-Metropolitan police detective as he starts a new life with his family in an idyllic community in the remote Rocky Mountains.

However, the tranquility is short-lived with the arrival of an oil company, fronted by Mrs Bradshaw (Christina Hendricks), whose workers bring a debaucherous scene of drugs, prostitution and crime to the town.

When Worth takes a stand against their behaviour, his actions seem to have tragic consequences as one of his family members is devastatingly murdered by a mysterious assassin. 

Sky release first look at Tim Roth and Christina Hendricks in Tin Star

Tim Roth as police chief Jim Worth (Credit: Sky)

The 10-part take on the Western genre, written by Rowan Joffe (28 Weeks Later, The American), tells the story of Jim Worth (Roth), a British police officer who moves his family to the rural mountain town of Little Big Bear when he takes a job as the town’s police chief.

Not long after the family’s arrival, the opening of an oil refinery leads to an economic boom in Little Big Bear, which is accompanied by a wave of drugs, prostitution and organised crime.

Sky unites award-winning actors, writers and producers in new commissions


With some stellar names attached to write, act and direct the shows, Sky is building on the game-changing successes of the BAFTA-nominated The Last Panthers and the Enfield Haunting, and fan favourite Stan Lee’s Lucky Man